Corsair Unveils Enchanted Quest K65 RGB MINI Keyboards and HS80 RGB WIRELESS Headsets

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Corsair has introduced the Enchanted Quest Collection, a new family of gear from the company that comprises new Enchanted Quest K65 RGB MINI keyboards and HS80 RGB WIRELESS headsets.

Available in a range of pastel colors inspired by 8-bit RPG and fantasy games, the Enchanted Quest K65 RGB MINI is a 60% mechanical keyboard that features uniquely themed ESC caps and CHERRY MX SPEED Silver keyswitches, offering an extremely short 1.2 mm actuation distance, while the HS80 RGB WIRELESS is a premium headset that features spatial audio.

The CORSAIR Enchanted Quest K65 RGB MINI keyboards are available exclusively from the CORSAIR webstore for $129.99, and the HS80 RGB WIRELESS headsets are available exclusively from the CORSAIR webstore in North America for $159.99.

From a Corsair press release:

CORSAIR a world leader in high-performance gear for gamers and content creators, today announced a fantastical new lineup for its CORSAIR COLLECTIONS peripherals: the Enchanted Quest Collection. These limited-edition keyboards and headsets, available exclusively from the CORSAIR webstore, are clad in eye-catching colors inspired by retro 8-bit RPG and fantasy genres. Players can equip these magical items and add a unique, colorful flair to their gaming desktop overworld, whether they revisit their favorite classic adventures or forge new ones.

Enchanted Quest K65 RGB MINI keyboards’ four bright, beautiful color gradients transport you to worlds of swords, sorcery, and epic loot. Choose your theme from the enticing Pink Elixir, the atmospheric Ethereal Blue, the mysterious Purple Rune, or the painterly Pastel Twilight. All four varieties come with an exclusive custom ESC keycap with a unique icon that fits each Enchanted Quest theme, for an extra touch of personality and detail on your keyboard.

Three new variants of the white HS80 RGB WIRELESS gaming headset join the Enchanted Quest keyboard lineup, with corresponding color accents to match. Available in your choice of Ethereal Blue, Purple Rune, or Pink Elixir, these headsets liven up your look with colorized ear pads and headband, complementing your adventurous style while delivering top-notch audio.

The Enchanted Quest Collection will be available only for a limited time, making them the ideal collector’s items for those who want to achieve 100% completion in CORSAIR gaming gear. Your quest for more CORSAIR COLLECTIONS launches continues in the coming months, featuring a fresh new theme and peripherals such as keyboards, mouse pads, and more with each new release.

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