MSI Unveils the MEG PROSPECT 700R, Its Largest PC Case Yet with Touch Panel IPS Display

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Image: MSI

MSI has announced a new mid-tower PC case called the MEG PROSPECT 700R. Described by the manufacturer as its largest PC case yet, the case fits up to EATX motherboards, is fully modular, and features a custom distribution plate designed by EK that enables high-performance water cooling with minimal effort. Users will also find a vertical GPU bracket and 4.3-inch touch panel IPS display that can be used to control the speed of fans, lighting effects, and more.

From an MSI press release:

The MEG PROSPECT 700 Series is MSI’s first high end PC case that sits in the MEG segment. It has 2 models: the MEG PROSPECT 700R and 700RL. The main difference between the 2 models are that the MEG PROSPECT 700R has a 4.3” IPS touch panel while the MEG PROSPECT 700RL has a LED switch button on the IO port instead. This new mid-tower PC cases series enjoys a wide variety of features designed to improve the users’ overall experience and better the performance of the entire computer system.

Just A Touch Away

The MEG PROSPECT 700R has a 4.3” touch panel IPS display that can help users manage and control the entire system easily. Through the touch panel, users can control the lighting effects and speed of the fans. Different types of graphics can be displayed as well, including GIFs, photos, weather, or time. Users can also choose to display the internal temperature of the system, which can be shown in accordance with a sensor placed in the system by the users.

Image: MSI

You Choose What You Want

The side of the MEG PROSPECT 700 Series is fully modular, allowing users to change it accordingly to their needs. Three different plates can be installed. First plate allows users to install E-ATX motherboards while providing enough room for cable routing. The second plate is for cable management and a cleaner looking aesthetics. The third plate is for installing system fans.

Image: MSI

Designed in Collaboration with EK

The MEG PROSPECT 700 Series is also designed so that it can fit an EK distribution plate within. The custom EK-designed distribution plate enables high-performance water cooling with minimal effort. It supports one CPU, up to two GPU water blocks, and comes with an integrated genuine D5 pump that is the industry standard for excellence on the market. Cooling can be provided by up to one S or P 360mm radiator at the top and up to one S, P, or X 360mm radiator at the front. By using Matrix7 compliant products, it’s possible to build an entire loop without even bending the tubes.

Image: MSI

Great Performance Backed By Great Cooling

The MEG PROSPECT 700 Series is optimized to provide generous and effective airflow with vents built throughout the system. It comes equipped with four 140mm ARGB fans while the entire system is capable of having up to ten fans installed, it can also support up to two 360mm radiators and three 140mm fans to provide cooling to all system components.

Image: MSI

Hardware Capabilities and Components Clearance

The MEG PROSPECT 700 Series comes with a vertical GPU bracket that allows users to mount their graphics cards vertically and can support graphics cards up to 3 slots in width. The MEG PROSPECT 700 Series can hold graphics cards up to 400mm, so installing the latest high performing graphics cards including the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti will not be an issue. The MEG PROSPECT 700 Series has a channel at the back designed to help with cable routing and management. It also has a 3mm hinged tempered glass window that offers the best durability and system accessibility. There are 4 dust filters throughout that help prevent dust from entering the system while being easily removable for cleaning purposes.

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