JSAUX Announces Availability of 7-in-1 Steam Deck Docking Station with DisplayPort

Image: JSAUX

JSAUX has announced that its 7-in-1 Steam Deck Docking Station (HB0702) is now available for purchase. Similar to the official docking station that Valve recently launched pre-orders for, JSAUX’s alternative features a DisplayPort in addition to HDMI, although the former appears to be a lesser version (DisplayPort 1.2 rather than 1.4). Users will also find a couple of USB ports in the $59.99 accessory, including one USB-C port that offers 100 watts of maximum power delivery.

HB0702 specifications:

  • Interface: USB Type C *1, Gigabit Ethernet port *1, HDMI, *1, USB 3.1 *3
  • USB-A: USB 3.1( up to 800MB/s)
  • USB-C: PD 100W Max
  • LAN: 1000Mbps
  • Single HDMI: 4K 60Hz / 2K 120Hz
  • Single DP: 4K 60Hz / 2K 144Hz
  • Simultaneous HDMI and DP connection: Two monitors output 4K 60Hz at the same time
Image: JSAUX

From a JSAUX press release:

Electronics brand JSAUX just announced the release of their docking station 7-in-1 for Steam Deck, also named ‘HB0702’, which is the enhanced version of their previous model ‘HB0603’. As a new highlight, this portable device includes for the first time ever a DisplayPort 1.2 connector, highly-demanded by their user community, and three USB-A 3.2 ports. It features a classic HDMI 2.0 port, an Ethernet input and an additional USB-C port too. The accessory is now available on their web store at a retail price of $59.99, with no extra shipping cost.

Starting this summer, JSAUX docking stations have turned out into essential accessories to make the most of Valve’s handheld console in screens with up to 4K resolution. Although they were designed specifically for Steam Deck, users can also dock smartphones and tablets as well. This flexibility makes it a very complete home entertainment system. Its classy and small casing, made of polished aluminium, makes it perfect for any kind of space or decoration style.

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