ANTEC Dark League DF800 FLUX White Case Review

Antec DF800 FLUX Features and Specifications

Case Front and Right Side

As noted above, the case front panel of the DF800 FLUX isn’t designed to be easily removable. Since Antec ships the DF800 FLUX with three fans this won’t be an issue unless changes need to be made. Note that the front fan positions are configured to accept a pair of 140mm fans as well as 280mm radiators in addition to the three 120mm fans and potentially a 360mm radiator.

Unusual for a case in this class, Antec has fit the DF800 FLUX with an intake vent along the lower quarter of the panel and includes a magnetic mesh filter. This vent allows for up to two fans mounted on top of the PSU shroud to pull in cool air.

Case Rear

The DF800 FLUX supports a 120mm rear fan for exhaust behind the CPU, which can be shifted up or down to better align with air coolers or a preferred airflow path.

The seven expansion slot covers are reusable and secured by a sliding panel. This may assist in keeping expansion cards safe when moving a system build inside the DF800 FLUX but otherwise seems to get in the way, and its use precludes the inclusion of vertical slot positions.

The PSU mount is fixed, but it does support mounting PSUs with the PSU fan facing up or down, and a set of rubber rails are included to rest the PSU on.

Tempered Glass Panel

The tempered glass panel is attached using captive thumbscrews. It rests on a shelf of sorts that is situated along the bottom edge, which makes removal and replacement fairly easy so long as positive control over the panel is maintained, since the panel is only secured by the thumbscrews and two pegs along the front edge.

Note that the panel has a protective film on the inside and outside, with the inside film not being visibly marked. In the photo below and all photos were taken at the time of unboxing, this film is in place and shows a tint and blurs the details inside the case somewhat.

Antec DF800 FLUX White rear left empty

Top Panel, I/O, and RGB Control

The top I/O includes the usual suspects but has a button for LED control rather than a reset button, which is run to Antec’s included LED and PWM fan controller. Otherwise, a pair of USB A ports and a USB C port along with separate headphones and microphone jacks are presented.

For the LED control button, as this uses the same two-pin connector that reset header pins use on the motherboard, users can route the button to the reset header in order to use it as a reset button. If using a motherboard’s built-in RGB control like we are for this review, the LED control becomes somewhat superfluous.

Antec DF800 FLUX White PWM and RGB controller

Antec has included dust plugs for the top I/O, similar to the plugs used for DisplayPort and HDMI on video cards. This isn’t usually necessary in our view, but as the ports are mounted on the top of the chassis, the plugs should keep dust out along with the top magnetic filter.

Motherboard Compartment

Motherboard support ranges from ITX to ATX and includes pre-installed supports. Importantly, larger EATX boards, meaning boards of a depth greater than 9.6″ (244mm) will not fit due to the raised panel in front of the motherboard tray. This does however allow for slightly greater space for cable routing at the expense of motherboard flexibility.

Power Supply Compartment and Case Bottom

Antec has built the DF800 FLUX with a full-length shroud for the PSU and bottom drive cage that has cutouts for cable routing, viewing the PSU, and for fans and radiators mounted in the front of the case. There are also two positions for fans to be mounted as intakes of sorts, which then draw air through the PSU compartment and vents on the right case panel.

Antec DF800 FLUX White bottom

Antec has equipped the DF800 FLUX with a filter for the power supply intake. Also visible are the tabs and screws that anchor the bottom drive cage.


ColorWhite, also available in black
MaterialsSteel, Plastic, 4mm Tempered Glass
Dimensions L x W x H (mm)479mm x 220mm x 488mm
Maximum CPU Cooler Height205mm
Maximum GPU Length405mm
Total Expansion Slots7
Motherboard Size SupportATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
Input / Output Panel2 x USB 3.0 Type A, 3.5mm audio combo jack
Power Supply SupportATX, up to 220mm
Internal 3.5″ / 2.5” MountsThree 3.5″, 2 2.5″
Internal 2.5″ MountsThree 2.5″ only
Included Fans3 x 120mm PWM ARGB fans front, 1 x 120mm PWM fan rear, 1 x 120mm PWM reverse flow fan for PSU shroud
Front Fan Positions3 x 120mm / 2 x 140mm
Top Fan Positions3 x 120mm / 2 x 140mm
Rear Fan Position1 x 120mm
Power Supply Shroud2 x 120mm
Radiator SupportTop: up to 280mm or 360mm Front: up to 280mm or 360mm (installation of fans inside of front panel limits radiator thickness to 30mm, otherwise 55mm
FiltersBottom for PSU Top covering all airflow cutouts Right-hand side for PSU compartment intake
WarrantyTwo Years

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