ANTEC Dark League DF800 FLUX White Case Review

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Today we’re taking a look at the ANTEC DF800 Flux in white, one of Antec’s newly released Dark League Dark FLUX series. The Dark League Dark FLUX series consists of six ATX cases that share a frame and differ primarily in aesthetics using Antec’s F-LUX Platform.

At US$129, the DF800 Flux comes in at a premium for a standard ATX mid-tower but includes five PMW fans – three RGB up front, one non-RGB in the rear, and a reverse fan that can be installed above the power supply bay.

Antec DF800 FLUX White loaded up profile

This leads to the highlight feature of the DF800, which Antec bills as ‘dual channel airflow’. As GPUs become longer, but also taller, the average ATX case tends to get choked up and GPU temperatures can suffer. In order to help keep GPUs cool, Antec has placed two mounts for fans to be installed above the PSU bay which blows cool air brought in by the front fans directly into the GPU cooler. These mounts accept the standard screws used for mounting fans directly to radiators, with eight screws provided with the case accessories.

Antec DF800 FLUX White left side close on reverse fan

The Antec DF800 FLUX Case

Antec DF800 FLUX White front left

Antec has used a mounting system for the front of the case that is not easily removed. The manual has a diagram showing that the front panel should be removed in order to access the fan screws for the three front 120mm fans, which will be necessary if swapping the fans or installing a radiator in the front of the case.

For air cooling, CPU coolers of up to 205mm are supported, easily fitting the beefy be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 and pretty much any other tower cooler, while the 405mm of GPU clearance comfortably fits the 324mm MSI RX6800 Gaming X Trio in the traditional horizontal mounting configuration.

Overall, the Antec DF800 FLUX is a ‘mid-sized’ mid-tower with additional fan mounting positions. Care will need to be taken when routing thicker power leads to ensure that the right-side panel can still be closed, though Antec has left sufficient space for the components of the ATX Review Rig.

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