Eaton Announces Tripp Lite Pure Sine Wave Gaming UPS Systems with RGB LEDs

Image: Tripp Lite

Tripp Lite by Eaton has introduced a series of new pure sine wave UPS systems that are aimed at gamers. Comprising four models that deliver up to 1,500 VA of pure sine wave power for uninterrupted video gaming, the systems offer up to 50+ minutes of backup power and up to 10 outlets. Users will also find programmable RGB LEDs for gaming ambience and indicating power usage, a USB-C and USB-A port, and a detachable, wireless LCD.

  • 600 to 1500 VA output capacities
  • 8 or 10 NEMA 5-15R outlets with USB-C and USB-A charging ports
  • Detachable wireless LCD control panel offers easy UPS monitoring up to 20 feet away from the UPS base
  • PC’s real-time power draw is indicated via LCD control panel and dynamic LEDs
  • Energy-saving outlets turn off if the PC or other device connected to the master outlet shuts down or enters standby

“Whether you’re a casual gamer or a seasoned pro, no one wants to have their experience interrupted by power problems,” said Rusty Scioscia, product manager, Eaton. “Our Pure Sine Wave Gaming UPS was designed with gamers in mind to regulate voltage irregularities and provide reliable battery backup to make sure play continues without disruption.”

Image: Tripp Lite

From an Eaton press release:

Power management company Eaton today announced a new innovation in backup power for video gaming with the North American launch of its Pure Sine Wave Gaming uninterruptible power supply (UPS). The new Tripp Lite by Eaton solution delivers clean, reliable power in AC and battery backup modes and is designed to prevent game crashes and audio/video problems.

The new line-interactive UPS provides 600 to 1500 VA of pure sine wave power that is compatible with active PFC power supplies, high-performance gaming components and other sensitive devices. Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) corrects abnormal voltage conditions to prevent instability. Surge protection shields connected equipment from damaging power spikes.

Battery backup ensures uninterrupted play and streaming during short outages. With the addition of an external battery pack (sold separately), the 1500 VA model provides up to 50 minutes or more of battery runtime.

The Pure Sine Wave Gaming UPS monitors the connected PC’s true power draw in real time and displays voltage, wattage and battery level data on the detachable wireless LCD control panel. Four strips (two banks) of programmable RGB color LEDs coordinate with gaming setups and can respond to the PC’s power draw with user-definable colors and lighting modes. The LEDs are controlled via the detachable LCD or a free downloadable software utility.

To conserve power, energy-saving outlets turn off if the PC or other device connected to the master outlet shuts down or enters standby.

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