PlayStation Plus Loses Almost 2 Million Subscribers Following Service Revamp

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The new PlayStation Plus may not be working out as well as Sony might have hoped, according to new financial documents from the company that can confirm a significant loss of subscribers following the introduction of the revamped service, which debuted in June. PlayStation Plus saw 47.3 million accounts at the end of that month, but that number fell to 45.4 million in the three months leading up to September 30, a decrease of 4 percent. The decline is said to stem from PS4 users.

From a Sony Q2 FY2022 report:

The number of PlayStation Plus subscriber accounts at the end of September decreased 4% from the end of June to 45.4 million accounts. We see that this decrease results from a greater decline in user engagement among PlayStation 4 (PS4) users than expected.

On the other hand, the ratio of PS Plus subscribers among PlayStation 5 (PS5) users remains at a level significantly higher than that of PS4. We are putting even more effort into accelerating the penetration of PS5 hardware to recover this user engagement going forward.

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