Multiple Instances of Native ATX 3.0 12VHPWR Power Connectors Melting Have Now Been Reported

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Multiple instances of native ATX 3.0 12VHPWR connectors melting are now beginning to pop up across the internet. One of the first happened a couple of days ago when a user posted about their experience on their Facebook page. It has since been reposted, under different accounts, on Reddit multiple times but others are also coming forward with their own experiences. The original poster has also shared a video on Bilibli. They explained how an MSI Meg Ai1300P PSU was used with its own 12VHPWR connector and that excessive bending, or twisting, was not the cause and confirmed multiple times they left enough clearance during installation. The user, ironically, ended up switching to a 3x 8-pin adapter upon discovering the melted connector. NVIDIA has reportedly contacted this poster to return their card and PSU to them for further investigation.

Another user posted images of their ATX 3.0 12VHPWR connector but this time it was for an MSI MPG A1000G. They too stated that “The cable was not bent, twisted, or manhandled whilst installed.”

Image: Reddit (via u/dommyowo)

In reading replies to both of these posts, there are other users coming forward with their own reports, and those of the adapter continue to grow as well. NVIDIA has yet to comment on the matter but is presumably waiting until its own investigation, where it has asked its partners to collect all damaged cards, is completed. However, it now appears that NVIDIA may want to reach out to PSU manufacturers now that multiple instances of native ATX 3.0 12VHPWR connectors melting are now being reported and the adapters are no longer the only ones being reported on.

There have been numerous theories as to what is the ultimate culprit for these meting connectors but so far none have panned out to be fully confirmed. From bending or twisting to improper installation by not fully inserting the connectors, to different ratings being seen on various wires, possible soldering issues with the connectors, suggestions that the connector is not a good design fit for this use, and potential manufacturing defects, the list continues to grow. In terms of manufacturer defects, another user stated they’d had two pins pop out of their Thermaltake GF3 1650W 12VHPWR cable. They contacted Thermaltake who offered a full refund due to being out of stock but the user declined since the PSU actually has 2x 12VHPWR ports and cables so they were able to use the other.

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