CaseLabs Teases Return with New Website Following 2018 Bankruptcy

Image: CaseLabs

CaseLabs, the manufacturer of computer cases based in Los Angeles that was forced into bankruptcy in 2018 due to high tariffs, has announced that it has launched a new website to assure fans that it is returning to business as promised.

CaseLabs hasn’t begun selling new products yet, but a FAQ on the website offers answers to some of the questions that the manufacturer has been receiving, including when enthusiasts will be able to buy a CaseLabs case again and what the company is working on right now.

“We have started going through all the blueprints and things are looking good so far. We want to make sure that QC is up to CaseLabs standards when it comes to our manufacturing partner. We’ll most likely start selling spare parts to begin with, with complete cases following soon after,” CaseLabs said, although shipping costs are expected to increase for US-based customers due to manufacturing being shifted to Sweden.

CaseLabs also teased some of the products that it wishes to release in the future, including a potential small form factor case:

At some point in the future, we would love to design brand new case models. However, our current plan regarding cases is to start by selling spare parts, followed by the original line of cases. After that, our focus will be on updating the original line-up of cases to revision A with updated front I/O, vertical GPU bracket support and so on.

And we have heard you: A small form factor case could see the light of day sometime in the future.

CaseLabs announced that it was shutting down permanently in August 2018, explaining that the tariffs at the time had forced the company to increase prices by almost 80%.

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