Fractal Design Introduces a Brand-New Look for Its Torrent Series

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Fractal Design has announced that its Torrent series, a lineup of PC cases that are built to maximize cooling potential straight out of the box and feature an open front grille, are now available in a whiteout version:

Each form factor in the Torrent series is now available in a whiteout version, with newly white structural components and low-contrast details for a sleek monochromatic look. The whiteout version also includes new white RGB Prisma PWM fans for an ambient feel which harmonizes with the rest of the case.

Fractal on its Torrent series, which comprises three models, the standard of which now comes in seven color options:

  • Torrent
    • Open grille and unblocked internal layout
    • Comes with two 180 x 38 mm PWM or RGB PWM fans and three 140 mm fans
    • Front fan brackets cater to standard radiator and fan sizes
  • Torrent Compact
    • Open grille and 180 mm front fans optimized for maximum air intake
    • Fractal Design Dynamic PWM / Prisma ARGB PWM 180 x 38 mm fans leverage power, size, and thickness for massive air-moving capacity
    • Expansive base intakes and extra-large bottom fan support offers exceptional GPU cooling potential (with bottom PCI slot free)
  • Torrent Nano
    • Open grille and 180 mm front fan optimized for maximum air intake
    • Fractal Design 180 x 38 mm fan leverages power, size, and thickness for massive air-moving capacity
    • Space optimized, yet still capable of handling up to 3-slot thick 335 mm long GPUs

Torrent series is a family of high-performance PC cases devoted entirely to providing the highest possible airflow out of the box. The dedication of our designers is evident in everything from component choices to streamlined design inside and out, and the result is a series of cases that go further than any of our previous cases in the pursuit of ultimate airflow.

Fractal has confirmed that the refreshed look is available today for all Torrent series form factors.

Fractal introduced Ridge last month, a new gaming and HTPC case.

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