Early Testers State That Sony PlayStation 5 Detachable Disc Drive Works Flawlessly

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Image: Sony

Early testers of the rumored revised Sony PlayStation 5 have reported that its optional detachable disc drive works flawlessly. It was reported back in September that Sony was developing a new model of the PS5 that will feature a removable disc drive with a USB-C connector and now Tom Henderson (Insider Gaming) has an update from early testers on their experience with test kits and that Sony could announce the new model soon.

Sony is reportedly planning on discontinuing the current regular and digital versions of the PlayStation 5 towards the end of 2023 as it prepares to ship over 30 million units of them in the next 12 months. This new version that will replace them is expected to begin shipping around next September and is planned to account for 18 million units of those being shipped in FY23.

It is also rumored that other design changes could include a smaller die and slimmer design but it will not be called the PS5 Slim. As shipping costs continue to rise Sony may also be looking at ways to reduce the weight of the console so other aesthetic modifications could be in consideration to achieve this goal as well. All of this is plausible as Sony has always released multiple versions of its consoles throughout each generation’s release cycle. It is also hoped that the next version will allow Sony to reduce the price of the PS5 by having lower manufacturing and shipping costs.

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