Warhammer 40,000 Rights Secured by Amazon Studios, Henry Cavill to Star In and Serve as Executive Producer across All Productions

Image: Warhammer Community

Amazon Studios has announced that it has secured global rights to Warhammer 40,000, the leading science fiction and fantasy IP that includes the popular tabletop miniature wargame produced by Games Workshop, according to a press release shared on warhammer-community.com.

Headlining the news is actor Henry Cavill, a known Warhammer enthusiast and superfan who is set to star in and executive produce the Warhammer 40,000 franchise across all Amazon Studios productions, which will seemingly include series, films, and more.

“I have loved Warhammer since I was a boy, making this moment truly special for me. The opportunity to shepherd this cinematic universe from its inception is quite the honour and the responsibility,” said Cavill. “I couldn’t be more grateful for all the hard work put in by Vertigo, Amazon and Games Workshop to make this happen. One step closer to making a nigh-on lifelong dream come true.”

“Warhammer 40,000 has captured the imagination of fans of all ages, from all walks of life, and all over the world,” said Jennifer Salke, head of Amazon and MGM Studios. “We are excited to work with Henry, Vertigo Entertainment, and Games Workshop across our Amazon entertainment businesses on this brilliant, immersive franchise for our global customers to experience for years to come.”

“It’s great news and we’re absolutely thrilled; we’re working with a fantastic triumvirate in Henry, Vertigo, and Amazon. Henry’s well-known love of Warhammer 40,000—and his passion as a world-builder and storyteller—will serve us all well in the coming years. Finally, Warhammer will make it to the screen as the fans have hoped, and as they deserve. Exciting times!” said Andy Smillie, creative director of GAW.

Cavill hasn’t been shy about expressing his love for the Warhammer franchise, with reports such as those from February 2022 that revealed the 39-year-old actor and gamer visited Games Workshop’s UK headquarters, otherwise known as Warhammer HQ, early this year, posing in photos with members that include Darren Latham, a miniatures designer.

Cavill revealed this week that he would no longer be playing Superman despite his announcement from October that suggested otherwise, telling followers in an Instagram post that his “turn to wear the cape has passed.”

One of Cavill’s upcoming projects is Highlander, a reboot of the 1986 classic in which an immortal Scottish swordsman, played by Christopher Lambert, must confront the last of his immortal opponent, according to his IMDb page.

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