DualSense Edge Wireless Controller ($199.99) for PlayStation 5 Has Worse Battery Life Than the Original, Sony Confirms

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The DualSense Edge wireless controller offers many improvements over the standard DualSense controller for PlayStation 5 (and PC), but longer battery life won’t be one of them, according to Sony, which recently sent a statement to The Verge that can confirm the new controller, its answer to Microsoft’s Xbox Elite controllers, features less battery life than the original DualSense.

“The DualSense Edge wireless controller’s operating time is moderately shorter than the original DualSense wireless controller because we’ve included many more features within the same form factor and ergonomic design as the original DualSense controller,” Sony admitted in its statement to the publication.

“We wanted to strike a good balance between wireless operating time and delivering robust, high-performance features. Additionally, the longer USB braided cable is also great for competitive players who prefer playing with a wired connection to avoid wireless interference – this option preserves battery life.”

Critics aren’t pleased for at least two reasons, with one being the DualSense Edge wireless controller’s premium price—it costs $199.99.

The other is that the battery life of the original DualSense isn’t great to begin with, according to many users.

“[…] we are thrilled to unveil the DualSense Edge wireless controller for PlayStation 5, the first-ever high-performance, ultra-customizable controller developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment,” Hideaki Nishino, Senior Vice President, Platform Experience wrote in an announcement post dated August 23, 2022 on the PlayStation Blog.

“Designed to give you an edge in gameplay by allowing you to create custom controls, the DualSense Edge wireless controller invites you to craft your own unique gaming experience tailored to your playstyle.”

DualSense Edge wireless controller features:

  • Ultra-customizable controls
  • Ability to save multiple control profiles
  • On-controller user interface
  • Changeable stick caps and back buttons
  • Replaceable stick modules

The DualSense Edge wireless controller for PS5 launches globally on January 26.

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