High on Life Players Are Stuck at Applebee’s

Image: Squanch Games

High on Life has received a lot of praise so far, but the experience hasn’t been entirely bug-free, according to some players of the first-person sci-fi shooter who are complaining about how they’re stuck in a virtual version of Applebee’s, the grill and bar chain that appropriately features a big apple in its logo.

“TRAPPED IN SPACE APPLEBEE’S!!” screamed one player at r/highonlifegame, the official subreddit for the sci-fi adventure from Justin Roiland, co-creator of Rick & Morty. “Hey guy’s, I love Applebee’s. Like fucking LOVE it. I thought Space Applebee’s would be better (AND IT IS!!) but I am stuck inside. This is my checkpoint, trapped inside with the 2 for $25 for all eternity. Anyone know a way out?? Plz help.”

Uninstalling and reinstalling High on Life doesn’t work, according to the poster, who took those steps but still found themselves stuck in what they described as a “beautiful prison cell of a restaurant.”

Various videos that have been shared on social media have also highlighted the problem, with one from @cypass demonstrating how shooting the doors doesn’t seem to help.

“Bill and TJ Palmer opened the restaurant that would later become Applebee’s,” reads a description for the restaurant chain. “We’ve grown up a lot since then, with almost 2,000 locations in the U.S. and around the world. Here you will always be welcome – for delicious food, in a neighborhood setting, with attentive service, at a great value.”

High on Life’s version of Applebee’s appears to be authentic to the real-life versions, aside from differences that include alien hosts, as seen in @cypass’ clip.

Players who are affected by High on Life’s Applebee’s bug have been urged to submit a request for help at Squanch Games’ support page, which can be found here.

“From the Co-Creator of Rick & Morty and Solar Opposites, comes High On Life,” reads a description for the game, which launched on December 12, 2022, for Xbox, PC, and Game Pass. “Fresh out of high school with no job and no ambition, you’ve really got nothing going for you until an alien cartel that wants to get high off humanity invades Earth. Now, you and a team of charismatic talking guns must answer the hero’s call and become the deadliest intergalactic bounty hunter the cosmos has ever seen. Travel to a variety of biomes and locations across the cosmos, go up against the nefarious Garmantuous and his gang of goons, collect loot, meet unique characters, and more, in the latest comedy adventure from Justin Roiland!”

High on Life Is Xbox Game Pass’ biggest 2022 launch and the biggest third-party Game Pass launch ever, according to a recent Xbox Wire article.

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