IO Interactive Announces Hitman: World of Assassination

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IO Interactive has announced Hitman: World of Assassination, a rebranded version of Hitman 3 that will replace the original release and include access to Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 through the existing Access Pass system.

Current Hitman 3 owners will get a free upgrade to Hitman: World of Assassination on all platforms, according to IO Interactive, which explained that it wanted to simplify the purchasing experience for new players by creating a single available option to start playing.

A breakdown from IO Interactive can confirm that there will be two packages that players can choose from:

  • HITMAN – World of Assassination (approx. $70 USD or local equivalent)
    • Includes: HITMAN 3, plus H1 GOTY Access Pass and H2 Standard Access Pass.
  • HITMAN – World of Assassination Deluxe Pack (approx. $30 USD or local equivalent)
    • Includes: H3 Deluxe Pack, H3 Seven Deadly Sins Collection and H2 Expansion Access Pass.
Image: IO Interactive

“We want the experience for new players to be straightforward and concrete,” IO Interactive explained. “We believe the above changes will achieve that. However, for existing players, who cover a huge matrix of different ownership combinations, we’re being a little bit more flexible – but still with a strong approach for simplicity.”

“The reason for this flexibility is that we know many of you own certain games or DLCs but not others, and we don’t want to force anyone to (re)buy what they already own. We think that’s a good enough reason to still have a few options – but these options won’t be front and centre for new players. The idea is to keep these details visible to those who might need them.”

Hitman 3’s Steam page currently highlights six packages for the game, including a Seven Deadly Sins Collection that adds a handful of new challenges to the title, as well as a Hitman Trilogy Premium Add-Ons Bundle that includes access passes for the other modern Hitman games.

The standard version of Hitman 3 can currently be purchased from Steam for $20.99.

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