NVIDIA Confirms 14 New DLSS Games, including Dead Space (DLSS 2) and Marvel’s Midnight Suns (DLSS 3)

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DLSS 3 is already available in 17 games, but GeForce RTX 40 Series owners can expect to see the technology in at least a handful of new titles beginning this month, according to NVIDIA, which shared a list of games today that will be gaining or launching with support for the latest iteration of its AI-based upscaling technology in the weeks and months ahead.

Some of the games that will be getting DLSS 3 this month include Marvel’s Midnight Suns, which released last month and is currently available at a significant discount, as well as Dakar Desert Rally, an off-road rally racing adventure that Saber Porto launched in October 2022.

Upcoming DLSS 3 Titles

  • Marvel’s Midnight Sun (updates to DLSS 3 in Jan)
  • The Day Before (coming later this year with ray tracing and DLSS 3)
  • THRONE AND LIBERTY (launching with DLSS 3)
  • Witchfire (launching later this year with DLSS 3)
  • Atomic Heart (launching Feb 21 with DLSS 3)
  • Warhaven (coming soon with DLSS 3)
  • Dakar Desert Rally (updates to DLSS 3 in Jan)
  • The Cycle: Frontier (updates to DLSS 3 in Jan)
  • Conqueror’s Blade (updates to DLSS 3 in Jan)
  • Tower of Fantasy (updates to DLSS 3 in April)
  • ILL Space (launching early access later this year with ray tracing and DLSS 3)

NVIDIA has also confirmed that Motive’s Dead Space remake will be launching with support for DLSS 2, which, while not as advanced as DLSS 3, should prove to be similarly useful for improving performance.

Upcoming DLSS 2 Titles

  • Dead Space (launching Jan 27)
  • Judgment (available now)
  • Lost Judgment (available now)

“Isaac Clarke is an everyman engineer on a mission to repair a vast mining ship, the USG Ishimura, only to discover something has gone horribly wrong,” reads a description for Motive’s remake, which aims to improve upon Visceral Games’ 2008 classic with changes that include overhauled graphics and gameplay improvements. “The ship’s crew has been slaughtered and Isaac’s beloved partner, Nicole, is lost somewhere on board.”

DLSS 3 features new Frame Generation technology that enables DLSS performance boosts of up to 4x over native rendering, according to NVIDIA.

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