TEAMGROUP Teases 9,000 MHz and Higher DDR5 Memory

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TEAMGROUP believes it’ll be able to launch new DDR5 memory that features frequencies as high as 9,000 MHz, or possibly even higher. According to a press release that the company shared today, this milestone will be possible courtesy of a technology from Renesas Electronics Corporation dubbed CKD (client clock driver), which appears to be a type of signal-boosting tech that can ensure steady and more reliable high-speed transmissions between the memory and CPU. TEAMGROUP has confirmed that ELITE U-DIMM DDR5-6400 memory has already been developed thanks to its adoption of CKD.

“As leaders in memory interface products, Renesas has worked closely with key industry eco-system partners and standards organization to define, develop, and productize CKD to market,” Sameer Kuppahalli, Vice President and General Manager of the Memory Interface Division of Renesas Electronics Corporation, said in a statement.

From a TEAMGROUP press release:

To ensure a stable performance of 6,400MHz and above of the DDR5, TEAMGROUP has adopted the new CKD (client clock driver) components designed for DDR5 by Renesas Electronics Corporation, a global leading brand in controllers. One of the most important functions of CKD is to strengthen, buffer, and steadily output high-frequency signals from the CPU to memory kits, effectively ensuring high frequencies while supporting reliable high-speed transmissions. Renesas is proud to work with TEAMGROUP as the industry embarks on the very first clock driver for client DIMMs.

TEAMGROUP is dedicated to R&D and working simultaneously with motherboard manufacturers for rigorous compatibility testing, offering high-quality and highly compatible memory products for desktops and laptops to consumers around the world, fulfilling user demands for PC, laptops, or other small systems.

With the development of new technologies, TEAMGROUP is seeking to apply the CKD solution to DDR5 memory kits for TEAMGROUP’s T-FORCE gaming brand and creators’ brand, T-CREATE, in hopes of upping frequencies in OC memory to 9,000MHz or higher, to deliver ultra-fast gaming experiences for gamers, and reliable, high-performance information processing solutions for creators. With mature R&D capabilities and commitment to R&D and innovation, TEAMGROUP is dedicated to offering diverse DDR5 solutions and has been able to launch high-quality, top-performance, and fully compatible DDR5 memory to provide the best performing products that meet the diverse demands of global consumers.

TEAMGROUP’s existing DDR5 options include ELITE PLUS DDR5 and ELITE PLUS U-DIMM DDR5 memory. Both are available in frequencies of up to 6,000 MHz, with the former counting lower voltage, an on-die ECC mechanism, and compatibility with Intel and AMD systems as some of their highlighted features. It is available with black or silver designs.

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