Dead Space Earns Favorable Reviews, Awarded #2 Best PC Game of 2023

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Critics of EA have said that it is way too early for a Dead Space remake, but reviewers do not seem to be agreement. According to review highlights shared by aggregation sites that include Metacritic, the new game from Motive Studio (Star Wars: Squadron) has managed to draw positive reception from many outlets ahead of its release tomorrow, some of whom have described the game as a “whole new” experience that improves upon Visceral Games’ 2008 classic in many genuine ways. Rebuilt from the ground up using EA’s Frostbite game engine, Dead Space launches on January 27, 2023, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Review samples from Metacritic, which has awarded Dead Space #1 Best PlayStation 5 Game of 2023 and #2 Best PC Game of 2023: (100): Dead Space Remake is more than just a remake, it’s a whole new game. Motive has done a titanic job to give a second life to one of the masterpieces of the survival horror genre. Not only its graphics are a real slap in the face and its sound design is absolutely fantastic, but he few gameplay adjustments and the work on the level design offer a real added value. Even those who know the original game by heart will be surprised. An incredible dive into horror and a real “new gen” slap in the face. Now we only want one thing, the sequel, and quickly!

Game Rant (90): The Dead Space remake improves on the 2008 original in every category, offering quality-of-life improvements, new story content, side quests, and dramatically upgraded graphics. It’s Dead Space, but better, and many fans will be happy to see this classic survival horror experience get the modern makeover it deserves.

GamesRadar+ (90): Again, it feels like we’re well-served for horror game remakes at the moment, but Motive Studio’s Dead Space is a horror remake done right. It really is a sublime mix of fresh and familiar, and it’s freaking terrifying in its loud and quieter moments. Its reworked visuals and stunning dynamic lighting totally transform certain areas, while the remake’s new dismemberment animations mean hacking off enemy limbs with the Plasma Cutter, uncovering bone and muscle tissue as you do, is now gorier than ever. I know this first hand, because I was too scared to run.

PlayStation LifeStyle (90): The Dead Space remake is the definitive version of the game. The original has aged relatively well, but it’s not available on current-gen consoles, and the PC version is finicky on newer hardware and versions of Windows. Some changes in the remake work better than others, but the important thing is that, like the original, it’s survival horror at its best and a worthy successor to the beloved series.

PlayStation Universe (90): With this remake, Motive has managed to treat the original Dead Space with the utmost respect whilst rebuilding it to be perfect for today. Almost every improvement serves to enhance the reputation of a horror classic. Dead Space should be the blueprint for creating a truly exceptional remake.

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