Far Cry 7 and Far Cry Multiplayer Game (Alaska) In Development at Ubisoft: Report

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Ubisoft has been canceling quite a few of their projects as of late, but perhaps unsurprisingly, new Far Cry titles aren’t among them. According to sources with Insider Gaming, Ubisoft is currently developing Far Cry 7, a seventh installment of its open-world FPS series, as well as a multiplayer Far Cry game. The latter is said to be a multiplayer-only extraction-based shooter that’s set in Alaska, lacking any sort of single-player mode. Sources suggest that both games are at least a couple of years away, possibly releasing in fall 2025.

From an Insider Gaming report:

Details on what both games entail are slim, but it’s understood that the titles were intended to be one game at one point, but separated to become two separate projects early on in development. The game was believed to be known as Project Talisker under the helm of Day Hay until both games became their own separate entities after his departure to Blizzard Entertainment.

Far Cry 7 is now internally referred to as Project Blackbird, whereas the multiplayer experience is known as Project Maverick – both projects are believed to have heavy involvement from Ubisoft Montreal.

Two sources, who have requested to remain anonymous because they were not authorized to speak about company information have said that details are still slim and Maverick has changed numerous times in the past year or so. However, Insider Gaming understands that the game is pitched as being set in the Alaskan wilderness and is currently an extraction-based shooter with mechanics such as permadeath, a backpack system, contracts, and more.

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