Forza Motorsport for Xbox One Is a Cloud-Only Title

Image: Turn 10

Xbox owners who haven’t updated to Microsoft’s more powerful Xbox Series X|S consoles yet will still be able to enjoy Turn 10 Studios’ latest racing title, albeit not on a native level. According to a new update from the Forza Support Team, Xbox One players will only be able to play Forza Motorsport by streaming the game via Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta), a premium feature of Xbox Game Pass that’s exclusive to the Ultimate tier of the service ($14.99/mo.). Turn 10 Studios has confirmed that there is no native Xbox One version of Forza Motorsport, meaning that it was developed as a true modern-gen title, as teased in the recent Developer_Direct event that saw a new video demonstrating highly realistic lighting and other visual improvements in the racer slated for release this year.

From a Forza Motorsport January 2023 update:

Forza Motorsport has been built to take full advantage of the Xbox Series X|S consoles. Together with the accuracy of overhauled physics, the beauty of the cars and tracks, the new dynamic time of day, advanced car damage, and real time ray tracing on track, Forza Motorsport is a generational leap in immersion and the most technically advanced and authentic racing game we’ve ever made.

Q:  Why isn’t Forza Motorsport available on Xbox One platforms?

A: Forza Motorsport has been built from the ground up to leverage the full power and performance of Xbox Series X|S consoles and deliver our most beautiful, technically advanced game yet. While there will not be a native Xbox One version of the game, Xbox One players can stream Forza Motorsport through Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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