New Resident Evil 4 Remake Screenshots Released That Showcase Salazar Castle

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Image: Capcom

Announced in October 2022, the new Resident Evil 4 remake is planned to release for PC and consoles on March 24. Earlier this week Capcom shared a new set of screenshots for the upcoming game that showcases one of the locales, Salazar Castle.

From Resident Evil Wiki:

“Salazar Castle (サラザール城 Sarazāru-jō?) was an enormous fortress located in Valdelobos, a mountainous region of Spain. Built on high ground, it loomed over the nearby villages and hamlets and was separated from them by a deep ravine and a lake. Along with the castle itself, this fortress consisted of several other large buildings surrounded by a large wall.”

Resident Evil 4 sees the return of the third-person view camera perspective used in the original game, although Capcom recently debuted the option in Resident Evil Village DLC, Shadows of Rose.

“The Third Person View camera perspective returns from the original Resident Evil 4. Updated graphics enhance the original game’s feeling of isolation and its haunting environments, while refined modern controls emphasize how Leon’s survival balances on a knife’s edge with intense gameplay.”

Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong return on a mission to rescue the president’s daughter who’s gone missing in a mysterious European village. There they will encounter unexpected horrors as a new story unravels. Cacpom has announced a new knife-parry mechanic that has been added to combat.

“Tear a path through the horrors around you with firearms, hand-to-hand follow-up attacks, the newly-added knife parry, and other actions at your disposal. Smart tactics, wise item management, and strategic weapon upgrades will help ensure your survival.

In addition to attacking, you can now parry attacks and finish off fallen foes with your knife. Any knife action, however, will reduce its durability. Only use it when you really need to; it’s best to save it for the dire circumstances or you might be caught without a way to defend yourself.”

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