NVIDIA Ships Engineering Boards for TITAN RTX “Ada” with 48 GB (GDDR6?) Memory

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NVIDIA may be planning to unveil a new TITAN GPU sooner than expected. According to import data spotted on Volza, a website that offers global export and import trade data for 209 countries, green team has already begun shipping out what is believed to be the engineering board (PG137) for its next-generation, Ada-based TITAN RTX product to development centers around the world for testing purposes. Rumors shared by prominent leaker Kopite7kimi have suggested that this graphics card will launch with 48 GB of GDDR6X memory, but the shipping data implies otherwise, with GDDR6 being listed: COMPUTER GRAPHICS CARD PCA PG137 EB2 SKU0000 384-BIT 48GB GDDR6/D 699-1G137-0000-EB2 / TEST UNIT – 999 FOR TESTING PURP.

From a Wccftech report:

The shipping manifests can be seen listed at Volza which tracks global import data and has various containers of the “PG137-0000” GPUs (prototypes) heading out from the United States to India for further testing & validation. There are several other GPUs mentioned but those have already been launched as the RTX 4090, RTX 4080, and RTX 4070 Ti. There’s currently no graphics card out there that utilizes the specific PG137 board and features 48 GB GDDR6 memory. One might expect this to be the RTX 6000 Ada but that’s a vastly different board design.

More recently, Matthew Smith of TechPowerUP reported (now redacted via Videocardz) that the NVIDIA Titan RTX “Ada” graphics card is indeed being tested and has shown up in validation with a 2235 MHz base & 2520 MHz boost clocks along with 48 GB GDDDR6X memory.

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