11th Gen Intel Core “Rocket Lake” CPUs, 400|500 Series Chipsets Enter EOL Phase

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Intel has published a new Product Change Notification (PCN) that can confirm its 11th Gen Intel Core processors, code named “Rocket Lake,” have entered the end-of-life process and are being discontinued, with final shipments slated for February 23, 2024. Launched in March 2021, these CPUs may be remembered by Intel fans as being some of the company’s last processors built on 14 nm FinFET, a process that has since been superseded by advancements that include Raptor Lake’s Intel 7 node. Intel’s 500 and 400 Series chipsets, as well as select Xeon E5 Series processors, are also entering the discontinuation phase.

From an Intel PCN (119441-00):

Market demand for the products listed in the “Products Affected/Intel Ordering Codes” table have shifted to other Intel products. The products identified in this notification will be discontinued and unavailable for additional orders after the “Last Product Discontinuance Order Date.”

Forecasted Key Milestones

Milestone DescriptionTrayBoxed
Product Discontinuance Program Support BeginsFebruary 06, 2023February 06, 2023
Product Discontinuance Demand To Local Intel RepresentativeMay 12, 2023N/A
Last Corporate Assurance Product Critical DateAugust 11, 2023N/A
Last Product Discontinuance Order DateAugust 25, 2023August 25, 2023
Orders are Non-Cancelable and Non-Returnable AfterAugust 25, 2023August 25, 2023
Last Product Discontinuance Shipment DateFebruary 23, 2024February 23, 2024

Products Affected/Intel Ordering Codes

Marketing NamePlatformProduct CodeMM#Stepping
Intel Core i9-11900K ProcessorDESKTOPCM807080440016199AD0NB0
Intel Core i9-11900KF ProcessorDESKTOPCM807080440016499AD0TB0
Intel Core i9-11900 ProcessorDESKTOPCM807080448824599AD11B0
Intel Core i9-11900F ProcessorDESKTOPCM807080448824699AD12B0
Intel Core i7-11700K ProcessorDESKTOPCM807080448862999AD13B0
Intel Core i7-11700KF ProcessorDESKTOPCM807080448863099AD1TB0
Intel Core i9-11900T ProcessorDESKTOPCM807080448872699AD1XB0
Intel Core i7-11700F ProcessorDESKTOPCM807080449121399AD1ZB0
Intel Core i7-11700 ProcessorDESKTOPCM807080449121499AD23B0
Intel Core i7-11700T ProcessorDESKTOPCM807080449131499AD25B0
Intel Core i5-11600K ProcessorDESKTOPCM807080449141499AD27B0
Intel Core i5-11600KF ProcessorDESKTOPCM807080449141599AD2DB0
Intel Core i5-11600 ProcessorDESKTOPCM807080449151399AD2FB0
Intel Core i5-11600T ProcessorDESKTOPCM807080449381199AD2GB0
Intel Core i5-11500 ProcessorDESKTOPCM807080449680999AD2HB0
Intel Core i5-11500T ProcessorDESKTOPCM807080449690799AD2JB0
Intel Core i5-11400 ProcessorDESKTOPCM807080449701599AD2KB0
Intel Core i5-11400F ProcessorDESKTOPCM807080449701699AD2LB0
Intel Core i5-11400T ProcessorDESKTOPCM807080449710699AD2MB0
Intel Xeon W-1390 ProcessorWORKSTATIONCM807080449731999AD2RB0
Intel Xeon W-1390T ProcessorWORKSTATIONCM807080449751899AD2TB0
Intel Xeon W-1370P ProcessorWORKSTATIONCM807080449761699AD2VB0
Intel Xeon W-1370 ProcessorWORKSTATIONCM807080449771399AD33B0
Intel Xeon W-1350P ProcessorWORKSTATIONCM807080449781299AD34B0
Intel Xeon W-1350 ProcessorWORKSTATIONCM807080449791199AD35B0
Intel Xeon W-1390P ProcessorWORKSTATIONCM807080449721399AD8GB0
Boxed Intel Xeon W-1390 ProcessorWORKSTATIONBX80708W139099AFH1B0
Boxed Intel Xeon W-1370P ProcessorWORKSTATIONBX80708W1370P99AFH2B0
Boxed Intel Xeon W-1370 ProcessorWORKSTATIONBX80708W137099AFH4B0
Boxed Intel Xeon W-1350P ProcessorWORKSTATIONBX80708W1350P99AFH5B0
Boxed Intel Xeon W-1350 ProcessorWORKSTATIONBX80708W135099AFH6B0
Boxed Intel Core i9-11900KF ProcessorDESKTOPBX8070811900KF99AFPFB0
Boxed Intel Core i9-11900F ProcessorDESKTOPBX8070811900F99AFPHB0
Boxed Intel Core i7-11700KF ProcessorDESKTOPBX8070811700KF99AFPJB0
Boxed Intel Core i7-11700F ProcessorDESKTOPBX8070811700F99AFPKB0
Boxed Intel Core i5-11600KF ProcessorDESKTOPBX8070811600KF99AFPLB0
Boxed Intel Core i5-11400F ProcessorDESKTOPBX8070811400F99AFPTB0
Boxed Intel Core i5-11500 ProcessorDESKTOPBX807081150099AFTTB0
Boxed Intel Core i5-11400 ProcessorDESKTOPBX807081140099AFTVB0
Boxed Intel Core i9-11900 ProcessorDESKTOPBX807081190099AFTWB0
Boxed Intel Core i7-11700K ProcessorDESKTOPBX8070811700K99AFTXB0
Boxed Intel Core i7-11700 ProcessorDESKTOPBX807081170099AFTZB0
Boxed Intel Core i5-11600K ProcessorDESKTOPBX8070811600K99AFV0B0
Boxed Intel Core i5-11600 ProcessorDESKTOPBX807081160099AFV1B0

Products Affected/Intel Ordering Codes (Cont.)

Marketing NamePlatformProduct CodeMM#Stepping
Boxed Intel Core i9-11900K ProcessorDESKTOPBX8070811900K99AFV2B0
Boxed Intel Core i9-11900F ProcessorDESKTOPBXC8070811900F99AFV4B0
Boxed Intel Core i7-11700F ProcessorDESKTOPBXC8070811700F99AFV5B0
Boxed Intel Core i5-11600KF ProcessorDESKTOPBXC8070811600KF99AFV6B0
Boxed Intel Core i5-11400F ProcessorDESKTOPBXC8070811400F99AFV7B0
Boxed Intel Core i9-11900KF ProcessorDESKTOPBXC8070811900KF99AFVCB0
Boxed Intel Core i7-11700KF ProcessorDESKTOPBXC8070811700KF99AFVDB0
Boxed Intel Core i5-11500 ProcessorDESKTOPBXC807081150099AFVNB0
Boxed Intel Core i5-11400 ProcessorDESKTOPBXC807081140099AFVPB0
Boxed Intel Core i9-11900 ProcessorDESKTOPBXC807081190099AFVTB0
Boxed Intel Core i7-11700K ProcessorDESKTOPBXC8070811700K99AFVVB0
Boxed Intel Core i7-11700 ProcessorDESKTOPBXC807081170099AFVWB0
Boxed Intel Core i5-11600K ProcessorDESKTOPBXC8070811600K99AFVXB0
Boxed Intel Core i5-11600 ProcessorDESKTOPBXC807081160099AFW0B0
Boxed Intel Core i9-11900K ProcessorDESKTOPBXC8070811900K99AFW1B0

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