NVIDIA Releases GeForce RTX 4090|4080 Laptop Game Ready 528.49 WHQL Driver

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NVIDIA has released its GeForce Game Ready 528.49 WHQL driver, ushering in support for its newly launched GeForce RTX 40 Series laptops with GeForce RTX 4090 and GeForce RTX 4080 mobile GPUs, alongside the best day-0 gaming experience for the latest new games supporting NVIDIA DLSS technology, including Hello Neighbor 2 and PERISH. GeForce users will also find support for Company of Heroes 3 and the latest update for World of Warcraft, which introduces support for NVIDIA Reflex, as well as support for newly validated G-SYNC compatible displays and new games supported by GeForce Experience’s optimal settings.

Download the new GeForce Game Ready 528.49 WHQL driver through GeForce Experience.

From an NVIDIA GeForce post:

Game Ready For New Blockbuster Games

  • Company of Heroes 3: The legendary strategy franchise returns February 23rd. Company of Heroes 3 is the ultimate package of action, tactics and strategy. Take charge in the heat of real-time battle, then command as a General guiding the overall campaign where every decision matters. Overwhelm your opponents with four unique factions and all new international Battlegroups. Command ground, air and naval forces and build supply lines to crush enemy advances on the new Dynamic Campaign Map.
  • Hello Neighbor 2: Use stealth to discover what your creepy neighbor’s hiding in Hello Neighbor 2. As you play, the AI adapts to your actions, presenting a continuous challenge that fans of the franchise adore. On February 17th, a new update will bring support for DLSS 2, ray-traced reflections, ray-traced shadows, and RTXGI ray-traced global illumination, giving GeForce RTX gamers the definitive experience.
  • PERISH: ITEM42 and HandyGames’ PERISH is a stylish 1-4 player co-op first-person shooter. Slay hordes of creatures on the scorched sands of Purgatory and sell their gold-stained corpses to craven priests. Kill magnificent bosses and use the proceeds to gain entrance to Elysium, a place of cosmic revelations. GeForce RTX gamers can accelerate performance with DLSS 3 and DLSS 2, enhance the action with ray-traced reflections and shadows, and minimize system latency for the most responsive shooting possible thanks to NVIDIA Reflex.
  • World of Warcraft: NVIDIA Reflex makes your games more responsive by reducing system latency. Now, Reflex is available in World of Warcraft, reducing system latency.

Support For Newly Validated G-SYNC Compatible Displays

ManufacturerModelHDRSizePanel TypeResolutionVRR Range

New Games Supported By GeForce Experience’s Optimal Settings

  • Dead Space
  • Dual Universe
  • Goat Simulator 3
  • Paragon: The Overprime

Fixed Issues in Version 528.49 WHQL

  • Adobe Bridge stability issues with 528.02 [3957846]
  • Disable Hitman 3 Resizable Bar profile on Intel platforms [3956209]
  • Discord update causes GPU memory clocks to drop to P2 state [3960028]

Open Issues in Version 528.49 WHQL

  • Toggling HDR on and off in-game causes game stability issues when non-native
  • resolution is used. [3624030]
  • Monitor may briefly flicker on waking from display sleep if DSR/DLDSR is enabled. [3592260]
  • [Halo Wars 2] In-game foliage is larger than normal and displays constant flickering [3888343]
  • [Steam version] Forza Horizon 4 may freeze after 15-30 minutes of gameplay [3866530]
  • [GeForce RTX 4090] Watch Dogs 2 may display flickering when staring at the sky [3858016]
  • Increase in DPC latency observed in Latencymon [3952556]
  • Adobe After Effects / Media Encoder – issues with ProRes RAW files [3957455] [3957469]
  • Adobe Premiere Pro application instability [3940086]

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