Micron Issues Statement as It Begins Its Plan to Lay Off Ten Percent of Its Global Staff

Image: Micron

Micron has issued a statement as it has begun staff reduction measures announced in its December earnings call. The Idaho-based chip maker previously stated that “Executive salaries are also being cut for the remainder of fiscal 2023,” and that “over the course of the calendar year 2023, we are reducing our headcount by approximately 10% through a combination of voluntary attrition and personnel reductions.”

Workers in the United States, under the condition of anonymity, have shared that they’ve begun receiving notices that they will be getting laid off. Company spokesperson Moira Whalen has said that Micron is “notifying some of the employees impacted by Micron-initiated workforce reductions in the face of the severe downturn that is affecting the entire industry,” and that “The decision to reduce our workforce was a difficult decision but necessary given business conditions and financial performance,” while adding “We expect a mix of manufacturing and non-manufacturing roles across all job levels will be impacted globally.”

The Idaho Statesmen reached out to Micron following the layoff news as, so far, the company has not filed a WARN notice. The Worker Adjustment Retraining Notification Act requires a 60-day notice from a large company before it can lay off more than 500 people in a 30-day period. It too was given a statement as was also the Longmont Leader.

“We are acting quickly to reduce supply and control costs to address the rapidly changing business environment and will continue to assess if further actions are needed,’ her statement read. “In the short term, we are remaining flexible and cutting capex to ensure that we align supply with demand, and we (are) reducing expenses to support the health of our business. Longer-term, we continue to see strong underlying secular demand across markets and are sustaining investment in critical technologies and products.”

Micron has previously told the Longmont Leader that it plans to complete the majority of its layoffs by the end of this month. However, all of this news comes as Micron has laid out plans to build semiconductor plants in New York and Boise.

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