An Introduction to BIWIN and Its Newest SSD

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One of the last stops that we made at CES 2023 was to visit BIWIN’s suite to find out a bit more information about them and to finally sort out what the deal is with the Acer Predator and HP products that they have been selling in the US market. Of note, we’ve previously reviewed the Acer Predator GM7000 2TB SSD and it did well in our tests.

Who is BIWIN?

BIWIN has been around for several decades and prides itself on being one of the few manufacturers to do its own IC packaging and testing, enabling them to purchase raw wafers and cut them to their specifications. They have built a healthy book of business doing custom work for to integrate with other products – you need 512mb of flash storage to shoehorn in to the corner of your fancy gadget? No problem, they can make it for you.

HP SSD and Memory Products

About five years ago, BIWIN first got into the consumer sales business by picking up a license to manufacture DRAM and SSDs under HP’s brand name. Thus, the HP memory (not plentiful here in the US) and the SSDs that you’ve seen on the market with HP’s branding have been produced by BIWIN under license.

Acer Predator SSD and Memory Products

About two years ago, BIWIN acquired a license to manufacture DRAM and SSDs under the Acer Predator brand name. Much like the HP agreement, all of the DRAM and SSDs you see in the retail channels under Acer’s Predator brand are manufactured by BIWIN under that license. Interestingly enough, the Acer Predator PCs do NOT utilize the BIWIN products.

One of the more interesting things that we got to take a peek at was the upcoming Acer GM7 SSD, which Brent currently has cooking on his test bench. The GM7 is trying to be a more power efficient drive while still delivering nearly all the performance of the GM7000. Logically, it will be positioned at a more cost effective price point. We’ll have our review of it up in the coming weeks.


While this is not our typical writeup, it’s one that I think is helpful as there are not very many of these licensing arrangements in the enthusiast PC parts market and this should give some clarity related to the relationship between BIWIN, HP and Acer.

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