AMD Announces Availability of FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.2 Source Code

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AMD has released the open-source FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) 2.2 API and source code on, encouraging more developers and hobbyists (e.g., modders) to bring the latest version of the temporal upscaling solution into their games and projects, fueling its adoption. Similar to previous releases, FSR 2.2 introduces a number of changes that aim to increase visual quality, including updates that should reduce flickering and a particular type of ghosting that may emerge under high-speed scenarios. AMD FSR is now supported in 250 available and upcoming games, with some of the first FSR 2.2 titles being Need for Speed Unbound and Forza Horizon 5.

From an AMD Community blog post:

FSR 2.2 is our second update to our FSR 2 temporal upscaling technology and upgrades the already improved upscaling image quality of FSR 2.1 with further quality enhancements. The biggest change in this update is new logic that aims to reduce “High-Velocity Ghosting”, an issue that is common in some games, and in particular racing games when playing in the third person. That’s why the first three games to get FSR 2.2 prior to today’s GPUOpen release were racing games.

FSR 2.2 also has a new “Debug API Checker” feature for developers. This enables the FSR 2 runtime to send debug messages back to games during their development, notifying game engineers of issues. On top of these updates, there are many other changes to further improve image quality beyond just addressing ghosting at high speeds.

These other changes include improved depth and accumulation logic to improve disocclusion detection, which should reduce the level of artifacts seen during disocclusions, updated reactive mask logic, which should further reduce ghosting issues, and improved temporal stability, which should result in less flickering on objects. Our FSR 2 documentation has been updated to reflect all these changes. You can learn more details about all the changes in FSR 2.2 on GPUOpen.

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