Gran Turismo 7 Adds PS VR2 Support, New Time-Limited Event with “Superhuman” AI

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Sony has been developing a new AI for Gran Turismo dubbed “Sophy” that is supposedly close to impossible to defeat, and soon, players will be able to test that claim out for themselves. According to a new post on the PlayStation blog, Gran Turismo 7 is getting a new update (1.29) that not only includes a PS VR2 upgrade, a classic GT track, and five new cars, but also the opportunity to tackle what’s being described as a superhuman AI in a new, time-limited Race Together mode. This special mode is exclusive to the PS5 version of the racer and will be available beginning this Tuesday, February 21, until the end of March.

From a post:

Gran Turismo Sophy is a revolutionary superhuman racing AI racing agent developed in a collaboration between Sony AI, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Polyphony Digital. “Gran Turismo Sophy Race Together” mode gives Gran Turismo players of all levels and abilities the opportunity to go head-to-head against GT Sophy in GT7. The special mode, available as a time-limited in-game event (From Feb 21 to end of March), is a first look at GT Sophy in GT7 and is designed to maximize the fun and excitement of racing against GT Sophy for everyone. Player feedback on this initial special feature will be used to continually improve the GT Sophy Race Together mode feature for future releases.

In GT Sophy Race Together mode, players can race against GT Sophy in a series of four circuits of increasing difficulty, as a Beginner / Intermediate / Expert driver. In each of the four races, the player races against four GT Sophy cars of different performance levels. Players can also challenge GT Sophy in 1VS1 mode, where GT Sophy and the player race one-on-one with identical car configurations and settings, which showcases the superhuman racing skills of GT Sophy. The excitement of GT Sophy Race Together mode is enhanced with GT7’s new emoticon feature, which displays emoticons on the GT Sophy cars throughout the race to react to the in-game action.

The mode can be accessed directly from the top right panel on the GT7 World Map, and the player can start a race against GT Sophy once the player has reached Collector Level 6. For more information on GT Sophy, please refer to the official site.

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