ENERMAX Releases Upgraded Fully Modular 80 PLUS Gold Certified REVOLUTION D.F. 2 850W Power Supply


ENERMAX has released an upgraded version of its REVOLUTION D.F.2 850W power supply featuring an improved circuit design. The D.F. series incorporates Dust Free Rotation technology that allows the PSU fan to blow dust debris from its blades, frame, and case during power-up. The PSU can operate in a semi-fanless mode when the system load is under 20%, and now thanks to the circuit design upgrade it can stably provide up to double its peak power rating, 1700W for 100µs (microsecond), to meet instant power demand spikes. The D.F.2 series uses a Fluid Dynamic Bearing fan and ENERMAX has said that it plans to announce 1050W and 1200W models soon. At the time of writing a quick check on Amazon shows the 850W listed for $129.99.


Press Release

ENERMAX, an industry-leading force dedicated to designing extreme-performance computer power supplies and cooling solutions, releases its upgraded fully-modular 80 PLUS Gold certified power supply – the REVOLUTION D.F. 2 series!

REVOLUTION D.F. 2 is designed with 100% Japanese Capacitors, 140mm compact chassis in-depth, semi-fanless mechanics, DC-to-DC conversion, the advanced LLC, Synchronous Rectifier (SR) design, and patented Dust-Free Rotation (DFR) technology.

Following the success of the REVOLUTION D.F. series, the REVOLUTION D.F. 2 inherits ENERMAX’s iconic Dust Free Rotation (D.F.R.) technology and semi-fanless mechanics.

The upgraded circuit design of the REVOLUTION D.F. 2 series allows its peak power wattage output to reach 200%, which means the 850W model of REVOLUTION D.F. 2 can stably provide 1700W for 100µs (microsecond) to support instantly power excursion.

The Dust Free Rotation (D.F.R.) technology is an innovative self-cleaning solution that enables the PSU fan to blow away the dust accumulating around the fan blade & frame upon powering up.

The semi-fanless mechanics enables the PSU fan to be static while the system load is under 20% to provide users with absolutes silence of 0 dB(A). The quiet Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) fan also ensures excellent cooling performance with minimized noise and vibration.

The 850W model of REVOLUTION D.F. 2 power supply is available immediately at the ENERMAX USA online storeAmazonNewegg, and the ENERMAX worldwide authorized retailers and distributors. The availability of the 1050W and 1200W models will be announced shortly.

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