Venom DLC (Redemption) Now Available for Marvel’s Midnight Suns

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Venom is introduced in Marvel’s Midnight Suns fairly early on as a villain, having been corrupted by Lilith, but now, fans of Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis can recruit him as a hero to take on the Hunter’s mother and the forces of darkness. 2K and Marvel Entertainment have confirmed the release of Redemption, a new post-launch DLC release for Marvel’s Midnight Suns that brings Venom back as a new recruitable hero with 10 unique Hero abilities, coupled with other additions that include new story missions, Abbey locations, and more. Redemption is available today for Windows PC (via Steam and the Epic Games Store), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S platforms.

From a 2K press release:

In Redemption, Venom, the deadly amalgam of Eddie Brock and an alien symbiote, joins the Midnight Suns to right the wrongs he committed under Lilith’s demonic influence. Blood-sucking vampyres have infested the sewers beneath New York City, but even they quake in fear at the sight of Venom’s pitch-black claws and razor-sharp teeth. With help from the Midnight Suns, Venom is fighting to regain control of his actions and rid NYC of the undead scourge—but unshackling himself from one manipulative demon has attracted the attention of another. Included in Redemption:

  • New Recruitable Hero: Venom, a savage symbiote wielding 10 unique Hero Abilities
  • New Story Missions: Continue the fight against the vampyre threat in New York City
  • New Abbey Upgrade: Whisper Web
  • 3 Additional Hero Skins, 7 Abbey Outfits, and 2 Swimsuits for Venom

Venom is recruited by completing his first story mission “The Devil’s Due,” which becomes playable after completing the “Shattering Expectations” mission at the end of Act One.

On the battlefield, Venom starts off each encounter with a big damage bonus in the form of Ravenous. Ravenous is a unique mechanic to Venom; he starts off with three stacks and each stack increases his base offense. Using an Attack or Heroic uses one stack of Ravenous, which then gets refilled a bit each turn. This makes Venom particularly bursty as a character – he requires careful play order management to maximize his damage potential, but his abilities can allow him to sustain longer periods of intense power.

Building Venom’s Whisper Web upgrade in the Abbey unlocks the ability to use Intel to modify general missions, applying a random modifier such as switching the mission leader and decreasing the mission difficulty. Upgrading Whisper Web adds an additional reward to the mission, such as Credits, Blueprints or Essence.

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