Secretlab Announces Premium and Professional Footrests for Gamers

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Secretlab has announced a new set of footrests to complement its expanding family of gaming chairs and other furniture. According to the manufacturer’s official website, two footrests have been designed, including a Premium model that is set to launch early next month, featuring PlushCell Memory Foam, a quilted fabric cover, and other features. Following that will be the Professional footrest, a pricier, dual-mode model with full metal chassis that is due in June 2023. Both have been crafted at the right height to work with all Secretlab chairs, while the Professional model can also be paired with additional accessories, including the Heated Footrest Top and PlushCell Memory Foam Footrest Top.

Secretlab Footrest Specifications

Image: SecretLab

From a Secretlab post:

Modern work culture widely demands a sedentary lifestyle, which is why it is of paramount importance that you sit right. An easy, oft-overlooked way to instantly improve your posture is to keep both feet firmly planted on the floor — you will naturally straighten your back, alleviating pressure on the back of your legs and spine.

If your feet cannot comfortably reach the floor while seated, the solution is simple. Just add an under-desk footrest.

With Secretlab, you can now choose between two ergonomic Secretlab Footrest options designed to work perfectly in tandem with all Secretlab chairs, and achieve the full head-to-toe Secretlab ergonomic experience for you in your setup.

The Secretlab Professional Footrest (CloudSwap Technology) and Secretlab Premium Footrest (PlushCell Memory Foam) are designed to provide additional support while seated. Its ergonomic benefits have been validated by members of our independent Ergonomics Advisory Board, comprising experts in the fields of biomechanics, orthopedics, and more.

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