Report: Jeremy Irvine to Star as James Sunderland in Return to Silent Hill

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Bloober Team’s Silent Hill 2 remake won’t be the only way for Silent Hill fans to revisit Konami’s acclaimed survival horror sequel. German film site has shared a story synopsis for Return to Silent Hill, the third live-action Silent Hill film, and it can confirm that the feature has been largely inspired by Silent Hill 2, with actor Jeremy Irvine (The War Horse) having been cast in the lead role of James Sunderland. Christophe Gans, who directed the original 2006 film starring Radha Mitchell and Sean Bean, has returned to write and direct the new movie.

From a report (machine translation):

Driven by the shadows of his past, James Sunderland returns to Silent Hill to find his lost love, Mary Crane. But the dark, depressing small town is no longer the place from his memories. He encounters characters who seem all too familiar and who try to divert him from his search for Mary. The longer he searches for Mary, the more he begins to wonder if this is still reality – or if he has fallen into the dark underworld of Jacob Crane. Jeremy Irvine is set to star in Return to Silent Hill.

The new adaptation of the cult video game Silent Hill is directed from his own screenplay by Christophe Gans, a graduate of the Institut des Hautes Études Cinématographiques (IDHEC). He built his reputation with the film adaptation of Kazuo Koike’s hit manga “Crying Freeman” and with the international box office success “Brotherhood of the Wolf”. His first film adaptation of “Silent Hill” (2006) became number 1 in the American box office and grossed over 100 million dollars worldwide. He filmed ” Beauty and the Beast ” for Pathé. “Return to Silent Hill” will be photographed by Benoit Debie , Felicity Abbott is responsible for production design and Sébastian Prangère for editing.

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