Tesla Slashes Model S and X US Prices by Up to $10,000

Image: Tesla

Tesla has begun offering some of its popular EVs at a notable discount. As spotted by various publications, Tesla has cut the prices of its high-end Model S and Model X electric cars by $5,000 (5.2%) and $10,000 (9.1 percent), respectively, lowering the entry fee for two of its premium models that are known for a range of perks, including a big touchscreen, Autopilot, and support for Steam games. Both vehicles are available in a pricier, higher-performance Plaid version that promises faster acceleration times and more.

From a TechCrunch report:

The Model S all-wheel drive is now available for $89,990, which is down 5.2% or about $5,000 from $94,990. The Model S Plaid is now $109,990, down 4.3% from $114,990.

The Model X all-wheel drive is going for $99,990, down 9.1% or $10,000 from $109,990. The Plaid is now $109,990, down 8.3% from $119,990.

The latest price cut comes after Tesla drastically slashed prices in January, making it at least the fifth time the automaker has reduced the cost of its vehicles in the past several months. Last week at Tesla’s investor day, held at the company’s Austin factory, CEO Elon Musk and other leaders discussed the importance of efficient manufacturing and cost cutting.

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