Forspoken Cost Square Enix $100,000,000 to Make, Claims Lead Writer

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Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda recently revealed that sales of Forspoken were “lackluster,” and that’s a real shame, because the fantasy RPG from Luminous Productions appears to have been quite expensive to make. According to the LinkedIn page for Allison Rymer, the lead writer of Forspoken, Square Enix spent $100,000,000 on the game, an amount of cash that the company may have trouble recuperating based on the reviews that it’s received so far, many of which are lukewarm at best. Forspoken is currently on sale at Steam for 33% off its standard $69.99 MSRP as part of a special promotion that lasts until March 23.

From a LinkedIn post:

Lead Writer of Forspoken (AAA video game)
Luminous Productions
Mar 2018 – Feb 202 – 4 years

Los Angeles/Japan

  • Wrote the bible, script, and downloadable content for a fantasy AAA video game ($100,000,000+ budget) with release date set for Fall 2022.
  • Conceived the world, the characters, and the game play.
  • Interfaced with the producers, Japan-based development team, actors, director and business affairs.
  • Problem-solved story, budget, and production issues in a cost-effective manner and always met deadlines.

Allison Rymer has a passion for entertainment and bringing stories to life. She has experience as a development executive, producer, and writer. She attended Northwestern University majoring in Radio/Television/Film. Upon moving to Los Angeles, she landed a job at Creative Artists Agency where she got a crash course of the industry. She devoured a ton of scripts and formed strong, lasting relationships with writers, executives, agents, and managers.

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