Intel Xeon W9-3495X Uses Nearly 1900 Watts as It Sets Another World Record When All 56 Cores Are Overclocked to 5.5 GHz

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Image: Intel

An Intel Xeon W9-3495X was used to set multiple records in various benchmarking tools last week at 5.4 GHz and has now been seen setting another. Overclocker Elmor, of ElmorLabs, used the new flagship Intel Sapphire Rapids workstation processor in conjunction with an ASUS Pro WS790E-SAGE SE motherboard. There were eight G.Skill Zeta R5 DDR5 R-DIMM modules installed and the system was powered by two Superflower Leadex 1600-Watt power supplies. The Intel Xeon W9-3495X is a 56-core / 112-thread CPU with a boost clock of 4.8 GHz, and at stock speeds, Intel has listed it with a max turbo power rating of 420 Watts.

Elmor used LN2 to cool the processor to a brisk temperature of around negative 95 celsius in order to overclock all 56-cores to 5.5 GHz. At this point, the $5,889.00 processor managed to achieve a score of 132,220 in Cinebench R23. Ironically enough this score was only 2nd best as Elmor previously achieved a higher score last week with the processor but there was a different goal in mind for this test. This time around the team was trying to see how much power the CPU could draw and it pulled a staggering 1881 Watts!

The team posted a short video documenting the experiment where the processor is seen starting with an already hungry power appetite of just over 290 Watts. It only takes a matter of seconds until it jumps to 400-500 Watts and then a near-instantaneous spike up to over 1800 Watts. The LN2 cooling still managed to keep the CPU under -95 celsius during this.

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