PlayStation 5 Outsells Nintendo 64: 33.54 Million Units Sold Worldwide Through February 2023

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Things are looking pretty good for Sony’s current-gen console. According to the latest sales data from VGChartz, PlayStation 5 has now sold an estimated 33.54 million units worldwide, placing it above the Nintendo 64, Nintendo’s final cartridge-based console that ultimately peaked at 32.93 million units following its discontinuation on August 30, 2013. An updated worldwide sales comparison chart from VGChartz has also revealed the total estimated sales of Microsoft’s consoles, but they continue to fall short of what Sony has achieved with the PS5—20,855,929 Xbox Series X|S units have been sold since their initial release in November 2020, if the numbers are to be believed. Nintendo Switch remains the best-selling current-gen console with 122,769,661 units sold, a figure that’s only going to get higher thanks to new releases that include the Nintendo Switch – OLED Model – The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Edition.

From a VGChartz report:

The PS5 had sold an estimated 33.54 million units worldwide through February 2023, while the Nintendo 64 sold 32.93 million units lifetime.

Up next for the PS5 is the Sega Genesis with 34.06 million units sold, followed by the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) with 49.10 million units sold and the Xbox One with 51.26 million units sold.

Breaking down sales by region, the PS5 has sold an estimated 14.24 million units in North America, 10.26 million units in Europe, 2.98 million units in Japan, and 6.06 million units in the rest of the world. This compared to the Nintendo 64, which sold 20.11 million units in North America, 6.35 million units in Europe, 5.54 million units in Japan, and 0.93 million units in the rest of the world.

Breaking down PS5 Europe sales, the console has sold an estimated 2.52 million units in the UK, 1.66 million units in Germany, and 1.48 million units in France.

Image: VGChartz

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