Microsoft Announces 10-Year Commitment to Bring Xbox and Activision Blizzard PC Games to EE

Image: EE

Phil Spencer has announced that he has signed another 10-year agreement to bring Activision Blizzard and Xbox games to various plaforms, and this time, it’s for EE, a British national mobile network operator and internet service provider that is home to over 26 million subscribers. The deal can confirm that PC games built by Activision Blizzard and Xbox will be available to EE customers, while Marc Allera, EE’s CEO, expressed in a follow-up tweet about how delighted he was about his partnership with Microsoft, which apparently already existed on some level. Microsoft’s previous 10-year commitments include those made with Nintendo, NVIDIA, and Boosteroid, a cloud gaming service.

From a Phil Spencer tweet:

Microsoft and @EE are expanding our partnership with a 10-year commitment in cloud gaming to bring PC games built by Activision Blizzard, following the acquisition, and Xbox to @EE customers. We are committed to bring more games to more people, however they choose to play.

From a Marc Allera tweet:

Delighted to be working with @Microsoft to expand @EE’s gaming partnership to include a new 10-year cloud gaming commitment to bring PC games built by @xbox and Activision Blizzard – following the acquisition – to our customers.

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