Street Fighter 6 Showcase Has Been Announced by Capcom, Will Stream on April 20th, and Be Hosted by Lil Wayne

Image: Capcom

The Street Fighter 6 showcase will last for 30 minutes and include many details about the upcoming game followed by a big announcement at the end. A pre-show stream will start at 2:30 pm PT on April 20 with the main show beginning at 3:00 pm. Capcom has not revealed much about the showcase beyond its celebrity host but has said it will cover the three main modes of the game and include its developers.

“The show’s host Lil Wayne will be joined by the developers to share the latest news on Street Fighter 6. Not only will there be details on World Tour, Battle Hub, and Fighting Ground, but there will also be some big news at the end of the show. The showcase will be jam-packed with a runtime of over 30 minutes.

The World Tour mode where players’ avatars can travel the world to meet legendary characters and learn new fighting techniques. The World Tour mode is a single-player story mode that also features mini-games where players earn money to fund their travels.

Word Tour Mode Description (via Capcom)

“Travel the world in your search for the answer to the question of… What is strength?
Jump in with your avatar, where legendary fighters await your arrival in the world of Street Fighter!

Your first destination will be Buckler Security, located in Metro City. This company trains new recruits in security detail. Here, Luke will act as your coach as you sign up for the basic training course, and this is where your story begins.

During your travels, you’ll face a number of trials and challenges. You’ll come across opportunities to prove yourself in street fights, meet legendary fighters, forge bonds and improve your abilities. As you grow stronger, you’ll face even stronger opponents.

If you’re looking for strength, then it’s high time to hit the streets!”

The Street Fighter 6 showcase will also include info for the Battle Hub where players can interact with each other to share stories, fight, and access online features for the Fighting Ground mode. The Battle Hub also includes features for customizing your avatar and the ability to play some classic Capcom games.

Battle Hub Features

“There are a host of features on the Battle hub floor. Check out regular and extreme battle cabinets to play against other players, or head over to the game center to enjoy some of Capcom’s classic arcade games. You can also customize your avatar at the Hub Goods Shop, or enter tournaments via the Event Counter.

Fighting Ground

“Continuing the tradition of being a genre leader, the pinnacle of fighting games can be found in this mode. With a highly evolved combat system, experience the stunning innovation for yourself. All of the modes found in Street Fighter V can now be found in Fighting Ground.”

The Fighting Ground mode is essentially the traditional Street Fighter mode where players can engage in local or online battles, train, and experience real-time commentary from the game’s international cast. More info about the Fighting Ground mode commentators, and roster can be found here. Street Fighter 6 releases for PC and consoles on June 2.

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