Street Fighter 6 Roster, Training Mode, and More, Officially Revealed by Capcom

Image: Capcom

Capcom was busy this week with multiple reveals as it detailed the Street Fighter 6 roster along with a training mode and multiple trailers. Officially the latest franchise entry will have 18 characters but a previous leak stated there could be as many as 22 or more so it still remains possible that more characters could be unlocked within the game or potentially be future DLC.


Behold, the opening movie for World Tour, featuring art of the 18 characters on the launch roster for Street Fighter 6: Luke, Jamie, Manon, Kimberly, Marisa, Lily, JP, Juri, Dee Jay, Cammy, Ryu, E. Honda, Blanka, Guile, Ken, Chun-Li, Zangief, and Dhalsim.

Embark on a globetrotting journey to discover The Meaning of Strength. The legendary fighters you know and love are waiting for you to take the plunge and experience the world of Street Fighter like never before!

Training Mode

Players can brush up and improve their skills between matches in training mode.

  • Frame Meter: A detailed frame meter for timing each character’s unique moves.
  • Reversal Settings: “Set up reversals, wake-up options, and a host of other details for your training session.”
  • Simple Training Settings: For those not accustomed to creating more detailed training sessions.

Game Mode Trailer

It wouldn’t be Street Fighter if the game didn’t feature the world tour campaign mode. A new trailer shows off some of the new masters and how to customize your avatar and play in online matches and tournaments.

Get your first detailed look at World Tour in Street Fighter 6. Fully customize your avatar with robust options and equip the right gear for your playstyle. Hit the streets with Luke as your guide and learn from the Masters during your adventure. Bring that avatar into the Battle Hub to play online matches, partake in tournaments, or play classic Capcom games.

Play Street Fighter like never before with Extreme Battle, a party mode where you can set up unusual rules and gimmicks, making for battles than anyone can enjoy. Finally, Ken, Blanka, Dhalsim, and E. Honda join the ever-growing roster.

Commentator Trailers

Street Fighter 6 will feature a cast of commentators who will comment in real-time during tournaments and react according to how matches are progressing.

The commentators featured on the official Capcom Pro Tour will commentate on your battles in real time. Get the pro player tournament experience as they comment on everything that happens during the fight. The commentators will also get more and more excited as the match heats up, and also deliver easy-to-understand explanations of the game, making it a great learning tool for beginners.
More commentators to be announced!

Street Fighter 6 will launch on PC and console in 2023.

Source: Capcom

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