Thermaltake Releases CTE C750 Full Tower ARGB and Air Cases in Black and Snow

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Thermaltake has announced the availability of its CTE C750 Full Tower Chassis Series. Per the name, this is a PC case that leverages the manufacturer’s Centralized Thermal Efficiency (CTE) design, which is advertised as offering a higher level of thermal performance to critical components with changes that include graphics cards being moved closer toward the rear panel. Available in two selections in Black and Snow colors, the CTE C750 TG ARGB Full Tower Chassis features a tempered glass front panel and pre-installed CT140 ARGB cooling fans, while the CTE C750 Air Full Tower Chassis, a more ventilated case, features a perforated metal front panel and pre-installed CT140 PC cooling fans.

Thermaltake CTE C750 Full Tower Chassis Features

  • 90-Degree Rotation of the Motherboard
    • The CTE design utilizes a 90-degree rotation of the motherboard providing a more efficient airflow pathway and allowing the cold air to be dispersed on your critical components more effectively and efficiently.
  • Move Critical Heat Sources (CPU and Graphic Cards) Closer Towards Cold Air
    • Since the CPU location has been moved much closer to the front panel and the graphics card moved closer towards the rear panel, independent cold air induction is given for thermal dissipation of the CPU and graphics card respectively.
  • More Efficient Intake Airflow
    • This overall approach has allowed CTE to provide better and more efficient intake airflow through the placement of main components and cooling, as well as optimization to heat extraction from the system.
  • Available for AIO and Custom Liquid Cooling Systems
    • Designed to meet the needs of both all-in-one and custom liquid cooling solutions, the CTE C750 features 4mm tempered glass panels on the left side, allowing users to view and admire all components in their full RGB glory.
  • Maximum Radiator Support – Up To 360mm/420mm Radiators In Multiple Locations
    • The CTE C750 series offers excellent cooling support for custom liquid cooling enthusiasts, there are various support locations and enough space to arrange your own configurations. Up to 5 radiators fit into our CTE C750 at the same time (three 360mm and two 240mm radiators), providing incredible radiator support.
    • For AIO compatibility, up to 420mm radiators can be installed on the front, rear, and motherboard side; 360mm radiators can be installed on the front, rear, motherboard side and bottom of the chassis, giving PC enthusiasts endless possibilities for their ideal setup.
  • All Your Dream Cooling Components Can Fit
    • The CTE C750 Full Tower Chassis has enormous fan and cooler installation capacity: up to fourteen 140mm fans and 360mm/420mm AIO coolers at various positions. Moreover, equipped fan brackets at the front, bottom, and rear side ensure easy installation of all your desired cooling components.
  • New CT Series Fans
    • New CT series fans are included, allowing users to choose from black or white, RGB or non-RGB, to match whatever color scheme you have.
  • Rotational PCI-E Slots
    • Rotational PCI-E slots give you the option to display your graphics card either horizontally or vertically, creating plenty of flexible space for your system.
  • Opportunities For High-End Expansion
    • The CTE C750 series has excellent expandability, allowing you to build the most high-end system you can dream of. It can support up to an E-ATX (12”x13”) motherboard, a CPU cooler with a maximum height of 190mm, VGA clearance up to 420mm in length without a radiator, a power supply with a length of up to 220mm, and up to twelve 2.5” SSD or seven 3.5” HDD.
  • Perfect Dust Protection
    • There are fine removable filters at the top, front, bottom, rear, and right side of the chassis to provide excellent protection against dust, and they are easily removable for cleaning.
  • I/O Ports Include All You Need
    • Four USB 3.0 ports, one USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C, and HD Audio ports are placed on the top panel to grant direct access when needed.

From a Thermaltake press release:

To deliver more efficient airflow pathways for advanced hardware, the CTE Form Factor Series utilizes a 90-degree rotation of the motherboard, allowing CPU and graphic cards, the critical heat sources, to have independent airflow paths by being moved much closer toward cool air generated from the front panel and the rear panel respectively. The CTE C750 series can house up to fourteen 120mm/140mm fans and 420mm AIO radiators on the front, rear, and the motherboard side, enabling cold air draw from three directions to optimize heat convection. The CTE C750 series includes two selections. The CTE C750 TG ARGB Full Tower Chassis comes with a tempered glass front panel and pre-installed CT140 ARGB cooling fans; the CTE C750 Air Full Tower Chassis has a perforated metal front panel and pre-installed CT140 PC cooling fans, is a more ventilated case.

The CTE C750 series is designed to have maximum customizability for different types of cooling support, including air cooling, AIO liquid cooling, and custom liquid cooling. In addition to three pre-installed CT140 cooling fans at the front, top, and rear, the CTE C750 series equipped fan brackets (front, bottom, and rear side) and pump & reservoir bracket (bottom side) for AIO and DIY lovers to install the related components easily and create their dream builds. With the 4 mm thick tempered glass window panel on the left, users can fully display all inner components of the liquid-cooling system.

As a user-friendly chassis, the CTE C750 series contains many designs for efficient space utilization. Through the built-in rotatable PCI-e slots and enclosed riser cable bracket, you can display the graphic card in the way you like. The dual chamber design separates a clean and large space for the right chamber, and PC builders can achieve superior cable management with dedicated velcro straps and cable clips inside the chassis. The M/B vent cover plate can be moved to the right to hide cables and also can provide additional fan/radiator installation spots for the cooling system. Besides that, the CTE C750 has a loaded I/O with four USB 3.0 Type-A, a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C, and an HD audio jack to meet the users’ functional requirements.

Attributed to Thermaltake’s cutting-edge CTE Form Factor design and dual chamber design, the CTE C750 series is an ideal E-ATX full tower for gaming enthusiasts who prefer supreme cooling support and a spacious interior for their custom liquid cooling system. Don’t miss out on the CTE C750 TG ARGB Full Tower Chassis and the CTE C750 Air Full Tower Chassis, and enjoy Thermaltake’s centralized thermal efficiency design for your dream builds!

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