Report: NVIDIA Halts Supply of Chips Ahead of GeForce RTX 4060 Ti’s May/June Launch as AMD Preps Radeon RX 7600 for Computex Reveal

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NVIDIA has decided to stop supplying chips to its board partners for a few weeks because of complaints of there being too many graphics cards in both the channel and factories right now, according to a new report from Igor Wallossek that suggests some of the latest GeForce GPUs aren’t selling as well as some might have hoped. The GeForce RTX 4070 ($599) and GeForce RTX 4080 ($1,199) are reportedly impacted, and while Wallossek claims that the latter has “lost its buyer base,” NVIDIA’s next Ada Lovelace graphics card, the GeForce RTX 4060 Ti, is said to release at the end of May or early June, although pricing remains unknown. Wallossek also confirmed in his report that select AMD partners will reveal the Radoen RX 7600 at Computex, which will be held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from May 30 to June 2.

From an Igor’s Lab report:

NVIDIA seems to pull the emergency brake here for now, whereby the reasons for the weak demand are more complex than one might think. The criticism of the mostly technology-savvy readers of relevant websites or the consumers of various videos on the common platforms does not necessarily represent the entire buyer groups. However, even the typical Media-Markt-Saturn buyer is rather reserved here, just like the buyers of ready-made PCs, who are usually very easily influenced by marketing. […]

It looks like NVIDIA will launch the GeForce RTX 4060 Ti at the end of May, beginning of June after all, and even bring it to the shelves. The number of cards actually available at launch should probably be lower than those of the RTX 4070, but again, nothing is really confirmed yet, only “noted”. […]

What I can confirm, however, is that individual (!) AMD board partners will show a Radeon RX 7600 as a finished product at Computex, while other partners, who use both AMD and NVIDIA chips, are first exercising wait-and-see restraint. To paraphrase politely. The statement that you don’t want to produce anything just to satisfy production and where you don’t see any chances of profits then hurts a bit. There is no price basis for a Radeon RX 7700XT at the moment, because you could even slip into the loss zone because the target group shifts and the price shouldn’t fit anymore.

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