Intel to Introduce “Ultra” Branding for Core Processors

Image: Intel

Bernard Fernandes, Intel’s director of global communications, has confirmed that Intel is planning to introduce new branding for future Core processors following the appearance of a “Core Ultra 5 1003H” CPU in an Ashes of the Singularity benchmark. The “Ultra” name will seemingly accompany future Core processors, including Intel’s upcoming Meteor Lake lineup, although a tweet from Bionic_squash has suggested that any refreshed chips will fall under a different designation. Intel’s Core processors have traditionally been identified by their “i” branding (e.g., i5, i7, and i9), but that looks to be over in large part.

From a Boring Text Reviews post:

The Intel Core Ultra 5 1003H CPU recently made an appearance in the Ashes of the Singularity benchmark:

Meanwhile, the reaction to the loss of the “i” moniker has not been received well on Twitter.

[…] While Intel is in need of a rebrand – a theoretical Intel i9 19950K would be a mouthful – dropping the “i” in the Core branding seems like a reactionary move by Intel in an attempt to distance themselves from Apple. The “i” branding is extremely powerful with the average consumer and removing it is bound to cause confusion amongst consumers who aren’t technically-inclined.

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