Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Receives Its First Post-Launch Performance Patch for PC

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Respawn Entertainment has released its first post-launch patch for the PC version of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor following countless reports of the new action-adventure game performing worse than expected, even on today’s most powerful graphics cards, such as NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 4090. According to the release notes that the developer tweeted, the new patch for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor introduces performance improvements for non-raytraced rendering and—well, that’s it. Respawn has promised that it is working on more patches that will improve performance and fix bugs in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, while a patch for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S is dated for tomorrow, May 2.

From an EA Star Wars tweet (May 1):

Today, you’ll notice a patch has become available for the PC version of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and tomorrow (5/2) we’ll also be issuing a patch for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series XIS.

  • 5/1 – PC Patch
    • Performance improvements for non-raytraced rendering.
  • 5/2- PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series
    • Multiple crashes fixed across PlayStation and Xbox Series XIS and various areas of the game.
    • Fixed crashes that were tied to skipping cinematics.
    • Performance improvements across PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series XIS. Fixed an issue with dynamic cloth inside the Mantis.
    • Fixed various rendering issues.
    • Fixed an issue with registered Nekko colors not saving.
    • Fixed an issue with registered Nekko disappearing from the stable.
    • Fixed issues with cinematic dialogue overlapping.
    • Fixed various collision issues.
    • Fixed an issue with enemy A1 remaining in T Pose during photo mode.
    • Fixed a freeze that occasionally occurred while talking to Doma.
    • Fixed a bug where the BD-oil VFX did not properly render.
    • Fixed an issue where players were getting stuck inside the Chamber of Duality if you didn’t save after leaving the chamber and die. The PC version of the game has already received the fixes coming to console on 5/2. We are hard at work on patches that will further improve performance and fix bugs across all platforms.

From an EA Star Wars tweet (April 28):

We are aware that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor isn’t performing to our standards for a percentage of our PC players, in particular those with high-end machines or certain specific configurations.

For example, players using cutting-edge, multi-threaded chipsets designed for Windows 11 were encountering problems on Windows 10, or high-end GPUs coupled with lower- performing CPIJs also saw unexpected frame loss. Rest assured, we are working to address these cases quickly.

While there is no single, comprehensive solution for PC performance, the team has been working on fixes we believe will improve performance across a spectrum of configurations. We are committed to fixing these issues as soon as possible, but each patch requires significant testing to ensure we don’t introduce new problems. Thanks for understanding and apologies to any of our players experiencing these issues. We will continue to monitor performance across all platforms and share update timing as soon as it is available.

The Star Wars Jedi Team

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