Sony and Square Enix Collaborate for Limited-Edition Japan-Only Final Fantasy XVI-Themed Controller and Console Bundles

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Image: Sony

Sony and Square Enix have partnered to create new custom-themed bundles based on the upcoming next installment in the Final Fantasy franchise. The new bundles are available for either the standard PS5 or digital-only edition models. Additionally, the console and controller covers can be purchased separately but there is a catch, Sony and Square Enix are only offering these in Japan. The midnight black and gold controllers feature blue crystal designs from the game while the console cover has the emblem of the summoned beasts Phoenix and Ifrit, drawn by Yoshitaka Amano.

Description (via PlayStation Blog Japan)

A controller with a special design based on “FINAL FANTASY XVI”. A subtle pattern of “crystals” on the touchpad is painted in vibrant blue and metallic gold on the Midnight Black DualSense wireless controller.

This product is a specially designed PS5 cover with illustrations of the summoned beasts “Phoenix” and “Ifrit” that appear in “FINAL FANTASY XVI”. A beautiful summoned beast drawn by Yoshitaka Amano is decorated with a calming gold color.”

According to PlayStation Blog Japan, pre-orders for these will open on May 4. Final Fantasy XVI releases on June 22. The bundles will also include an in-game bonus weapon called “Brave Heart” which is a sword from the first Final Fantasy game used by the Warrior of Light. They also include the accessories Cait Sith’s/Ketsey’s Lucky Charm which increases the amount of gil you earn when equipped and the Scholar’s Glasses which increases the amount of experience gained when equipped.

Image: Square Enix

Suggested MSRP

Product nameSuggested retail price (tax included)
PlayStation 5 “FINAL FANTASY XVI” bundled version67,980 yen (~$495)
PlayStation 5 Digital Edition “FINAL FANTASY XVI” bundled version56,980 yen (~$414)
DualSense Wireless Controller “FINAL FANTASY XVI” Limited Edition8,980 yen (~$65)
Cover for PlayStation 5 “FINAL FANTASY XVI” Limited Edition7,980 yen (~$58)
PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Cover “FINAL FANTASY XVI” Limited Edition7,980 yen (~$58)
Table: PlayStation Blog

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