Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Game Director Didn’t Think a Longer Delay Was Necessary: “We Can Get It Done in Six Weeks”

Image: EA

Respawn Entertainment had the option of delaying Star Wars Jedi: Survivor further to ensure a more polished launch, but it didn’t because it thought the game’s problems could be fixed by April 28, 2023. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor game director Stig Asmussen revealed the news during an interview with IGN, telling the publication that while Respawn had the option of delaying the game until a later date, it determined that six weeks was all that was required to ensure a quality product. Critics of the $69.99 game continue to suggest that Respawn didn’t even come close, with some players alleging that EA has committed fraud and are threatening to sue.

From an IGN interview transcript:

I think that people are kind of looking at what the consumers and the fans are saying, is that they want a quality product, that’s released later rather than something that’s, you know, a buggy mess that’s released prematurely.

When we first started having conversations about extending the date, I was asked how much time, and I said six weeks, that was exactly April 28th, that’s no joke, that’s it. But we stress tested that date, you know, we looked at what else was coming out around the same time period, and we felt like it was a really good landing spot for us, so we stuck with it. There was an option, do we want to extend it a little bit longer, but it’s like, no, we can get it done in six weeks.

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