Microsoft Is Reportedly Developing Its Own ARM-Based Silicon to Compete with Apple and Is Also Optimizing Windows 12 for It

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is reportedly working on developing its own silicon aimed at competing with Apple Silicon and it optimizing its next OS for it. A report by Windows Latest (via Tom’s Hardware) states that Microsoft is reportedly in the process of expanding a team to internally develop a new ARM-based CPU. The report also notes how the timing for this is happening alongside the upcoming release of Windows 12.

From Windows Latest:

“These developments coincide with the upcoming launch of Windows 12, which has a special version optimized for silicon and designed to leverage AI capabilities. The job listings (most of them have now been taken down) describe positions related to custom silicon accelerators, System on Chips (SoCs), and high-performance, high-bandwidth designs.”

It is believed that Microsoft is targeting Apple’s M chips and the team, as per job listings, is currently called “The Microsoft Silicon Team”. Although a number of job listings have been taken down one, for the Senior Product Engineer, is still live. While it does not mention Windows 12, the overview does provide a broad spectrum of products ranging from Azure to Xbox, and from Surface to the HoloLens.

From Microsoft:

“The Microsoft Silicon team is transforming the ways people communicate, create, and collaborate through the devices and components we develop. We are a growing team of engineers on a mission to develop revolutionary designs and ship first-to-market products. Azure, XBOX, Surface, and HoloLens incorporate our internally developed silicon components.”

Windows Latest also reports a job listing for a Principal SoC Silicon Architect with experience focused on architecture and design for both CPUs and GPUs. These, and other job listings, clearly indicate that Microsoft has a strong interest in developing an ARM-based SoC. Additional job listings also seem to indicate a potential need for optimizing AI for Windows 12 which is planned for a 2024 release. Windows Latest points out that by combining a customizable version of Windows 12 with Microsoft’s own silicon the company could offer a seamless scalable experience for a wide range of products using them.

“Windows 12 is believed to be part of Microsoft’s Windows Core project, which focuses on creating a modular and customizable version of Windows for various form factors. The integration of in-house ARM chips could further optimize the hardware and software experiences offered by Windows 12.”

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