ASUS Has Said That Its Original Manufacturer Warranty Will Cover AMD AM5 Socket Motherboards Updated with Its Standard and Beta BIOS Files

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ASUS has said in a new press release that its warranty will cover AM5 motherboards that have been updated with its BIOS files. The response from ASUS comes after the PC component manufacturer recently came under fire for its handling of reports regarding AMD Ryzen 7000X3D processors getting damaged in its motherboards. To be fair this issue was seen with motherboards made by other manufacturers but ASUS stood out due to a number of users, and professional hardware testers/reviewers spotting even more unusual behavior with its motherboard BIOSes voltage settings.

Things then took a turn for the worse as the company was called out for anti-consumerism practices by not providing adequate support to users with damaged hardware. ASUS stood out again as users noticed files mysteriously vanishing from its site only to be replaced by a select number of new files. At the time the company said it had become aware of issues with the previous BIOS files and removed them. Users then reported that a new Beta BIOS file was also causing issues but then professional testing revealed that it and a new fully validated file were both seen as having continued problems with voltages.

Press Release

We want to address the concerns that have been raised by our users about whether recent BIOS updates will impact the warranty of ASUS AM5 motherboards. We would like to reassure our customers that both beta and fully validated BIOS updates for ASUS AM5 motherboards are covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty. We would also like to confirm the following points:

  1. The ASUS AM5 motherboard warranty also covers all AMD EXPO, Intel XMP, and DOCP memory configurations.
  2. All recent BIOS updates follow the latest AMD voltage guidelines for AMD Ryzen™ 7000 series processors.

Furthermore, we would like to reiterate our commitment to supporting the AMD AM5 platform and our customers. For any further inquiries about your ASUS AM5 motherboard, please contact our customer service for support. Thank you for choosing ASUS.

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During all of this AMD has been releasing new firmware and motherboard manufacturers, including ASUS, have been quick to get their own BIOS updates rolled out. AMD has since advised users not to use AGESA or BIOSes based on it, as it was found to have memory support problems, and stick with AGESA while it works on preparing a new version. It is believed the next update, AGESA, which is said to be currently in internal testing could arrive within a month or so, perhaps even weeks.

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