Cooler Master Will Launch Its Custom-Designed Sneaker-Shaped PC, the Sneaker X, in Early July

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Image: Cooler Master

Cooler Master will launch its sneaker-shaped PC, the Sneaker X at the beginning of July featuring either an Intel or AMD processor. Cooler Master hasn’t shared much about the Sneaker X except that the latest generation of CPUs will be a choice for potential buyers. It had previously been shown off at CES 2023 where our own David Schroth got a glimpse of it. The Sneaker X was designed by  JMDF from the Case Mod World Series and will be available in 3 different colors: blue, grey, or red.

“Sneaker X: A Fusion of Luxury & Performance for Gamers and Enthusiasts”

Image: Cooler Master

“I am thrilled the Cooling X and Sneaker X, two groundbreaking desktop PCs that showcase our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and design are becoming widely available,” said Jimmy Sha, CEO of Cooler Master. “These products are a testament to our dedication to meeting the diverse needs of our users, from gamers to creators and businesses. It’s our mission to create products that empower our customers to stand out and embrace their inventive identity.”

Similar to the Cooling X, the Sneaker X is said to utilize some kind of unique liquid cooling solution. Cooler Master will launch the Sneaker X in the first part of July for $5,999. It has not yet been said what other component options, i.e. GPU, storage, and memory, will be available for the Sneaker X.

Sneaker X Key Features

  • Distinctive Style, Uncompromised Power: A unique design that challenges traditional PC aesthetics
  • Optimized Performance & Compatibility: Supports the latest generations of Intel and AMD CPUs
  • Superior Cooling for Ultimate Gaming: Unique water-cooling system for peak functionality

Cooler Master has not revealed what other custom-shaped PC may yet still be in the works but it also showed off a Shark X gaming PC at CES 2023. That custom-designed PC had an impressive cyber-shark design that could be next on Cooler Master’s list.

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