The Cooler Master Cooling X Features a Custom Liquid Cooling Solution for Its AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080

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The Cooler Master Cooling X is a complete PC aimed at both professional users and gamers alike with its high-performance design. The Cooler Master Cooling X features a unique approach in liquid cooling solutions in that it uses a pump to send the coolant through the CPU and GPU to a panel, and then the radiator, and onto another panel before returning back to the pump.

“Cooling implements a pump developed in-house, delivering effective and silent coolant flow for the liquid cooling solution, leveraging Cooler Master’s thermal knowledge The high-performance pump assists rapid heat dissipation, ensuring performance and quiet operation

Additionally, the liquid cooling solution contains an advanced liquid cooling panel The liquid from the CPU and GPU runs through the side panels, adding cooling surface area to assist the integrated traditional radiator. The panels are designed with 21 fins, allowing effective heat dissipation”

Image: Cooler Master


Housed in a compact PC form factor whose dimensions measure 266 x 149.4 x 371.6 mm for a total volume of 14.77L, the Cooler Master Cooling X also boasts quiet operation at 20 dB when idle and only 28 dB while under full load. AMD’s flagship 7950X3D 16-core/32-thread processor is at the heart of the system along with a powerful GeForce RTX 4080. Up to four displays can be connected to the GPU with a fifth via an HDMI connector at the top of the case. Other options include up to 64 GB DDR5 5600 and up to a 4 TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD. From its small footprint to its silent operation and powerful components the Cooling X offers the best of both worlds.

Image: Cooler Master

The Cooling X also comes with Cooler Master’s in-house app, Master Control, for getting real-time system data and customizable options. Cooler Master has said the Cooling X will go for $6,999 and will be available in the US at the end of June. It is also available to be seen at Computex 2023. Our own David Schroth got a glimpse of the Cooling X at this year’s CES back in January.

“Master Control is Cooler Master’s own software utility for customizing and managing all of Cooler Master products. Master Control is fully customizable and provides system information on the fly.

Cooling X comes with Master Control pre-installed and gives gamers and creators the
ability to create their own touch and give them any information that is required to elevate
performance and creativity.

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