MoviePass Relaunches Nationwide with Plans Starting at $10/Month

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MoviePass has announced that it is opening up its movie theater subscription service for nationwide availability in advance of the summer blockbuster season. The service, which faced bankruptcy in 2020 but was later saved by co-founder and CEO Stacy Spikes, who gained ownership of the company after purchasing its assets, is offering four plans, including a Basic plan that offers up to 3 movies per month for $10/month and a Pro plan that offers up to 30 movies per month for $40/month. The relaunch of MoviePass is supported by over 4,000 theaters, but only 2D standard screenings are eligible, meaning no IMAX 3D or other premium experiences.

“By opening up MoviePass to film lovers nationwide, we are expanding our support of the movie theater industry by helping drive traffic to all theaters during the critical summer season,” said Stacy Spikes, MoviePass Co-Founder and CEO. “Our newly designed service offers our members greater choice and flexibility for how they use their monthly credits, while continuing to encourage them to watch movies in theaters.”

From a MoviePass Inc. press release:

The company has several subscription plans available at affordable price points starting at $10/month, providing film buffs with access to see a variety of their favorite films per month at a considerable savings. Members benefit from being able to use their subscription for tickets at any theater that accepts debit cards. With America’s largest theater network, MoviePass members can choose from more than 4,000 locations.

The company also announced results of an internal poll conducted with over 10,000 current members. 73 percent of respondents said that MoviePass influenced their decision to return to theaters post-pandemic. The poll also revealed that 72 percent of MoviePass customers said the service helped them see a greater variety of films in theaters than they would have without the service.

MoviePass is proud to offer four tiered plans, providing flexibility for moviegoers of all types—from the blockbuster enthusiast to the most ardent cinephile. These plans use a credit-based system to offer different options for the total amount of films per month, allowing members to choose the plan that best suits their viewing habits and budget. With these options, MoviePass is committed to providing a service that’s accessible to everyone, no matter their moviegoing preferences.

Image: MoviePass

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